Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maddie's 3yr. Photos

It has been nice having Brian home this week. At least, having another warm adult body in the house. However, he's not much for company since he's studying for his last CPA test he takes on Wednesday afternoon. But he has taken time off during the day to eat and play with Maddie some, and I know she has been thrilled to have him home.

Today I decided I needed to do Maddie's 3 year old photos. It seems in the past I have always waited till the Fall to do it. It's my favorite time of year, I LOVE the pumpkin photos and the leaves and the smells and everything that goes with it. But...I have done that for the past two years and her birthday is in March. So, by the time October comes around, she's closer to a year older, then her actual birthday. So, today I decided to take some summer one's to change it up a bit, and then maybe I'll take some in October again. Most likely I will. I also wanted to use the oportunity to get out of the house while Brian was studying, but right as I was about to leave he decided to take a break and he joined us. I was very thankful, because this girl can have an attitude that sometimes requires re-enforcements. I think photographing my own kid is harder then doing someone who's not my own. Either way, I was happy with the turn out, and they will be a great new addition to Brian's collection in his office. And in my house. Enjoy. www.taraedwardsphotography.blogspot.com

p.s. I know I have said this before, but for some reason the quality of my photos on this blog is not quite good. My photo blog is much better, probably because its a newer version. Just FIY.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Bye Coach Nick

I know I have blogged about this in the past, that Maddie has been in gymnastics ever since she was 22 months old. First we started off at Tiny Totts, then she moved up to Kids Gym, and now she's about to move up to Kids Gym 2. She loves it and it has been apart of our routine for a long time now. Coach Nick has been Maddie's coach this whole time and he is great with the kids and the whole time we have been at ASI, he has never missed a class. We were thrilled when a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that he wanted to move her up to Kids Gym 2.

Last week however, he came up to me and told me he would be changing Gyms. The words "OH NO!" just bursted out of my mouth without even thinking about it. Then I immediately retracted what I said with a more positive "congratulations". It turns out he will be moving the Lake Highlands Gym, on Forest and Greenville, then eventually go on to manage a new Gym in Huston. We are happy for him (by we I mean me, because I haven't told Maddie yet.) But sad to have to be changing coaches after being with him for so long. I guess all people move on eventually. I took my camera today to get some last few shots of Maddie and Nick. We don't know exactly when he will be leaving, but it will be within the next couple of weeks. There is a waiting list for the other coach we want, so I might take Maddie to the Lake Highlands Gym until there is an opening. We will see.

We were very late as usual, so she had her hardy breakfast of cereal bar (organic from Sprouts at least) juice and yogurt.

They had a couple of helpers today. Probably for training.

Standing on one leg

Right after ringing the bell

Maddie needs lots of assistance on the cheese Matt.

Maddie and Coach Nick.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maddie's Bedroom

The other night Maddie got the notion to make her own bed. All by herself. Right before bed time. Never mind the time of day (night) she decided to take on this task, she was quite proud of herself and wanted us to follow her back upstairs to oohh and aahh at her accomplishment. And of course it was a Kodak moment.

She is into silly faces now.
She pulled her comforter to the top as much as she could, then gathered all her bed-time friends and laid them all in a row. Her efforts were pretty cute.

After taking these pictures, I realized I never did take pictures of her "big girl" room after I had finished it.

This is the bassinette Moses basket she slept in when she was a new born. I let her play with it now. Her babies are very comfortable.

This is the bedding I got her from PBK. I LOVE IT! I'm also glad I was able to stick with the pink&green color scheme I had with her crib bedding.

(Brian got her that foam clock at the $1 spot at Target and just hung it up without consulting me first. I realize the clock and the paining are not in visually stimulating locations in the room, but, I had re-arranged the furniture, and didn't mess with the wall hangings. I'll do it later.)

These are the curtains and valance I made to match.

This is the hamper I made to match as well.

This painting I did that hangs above her bed. The blue came out a little darker then I intended. I'm going to fix it, I just don't know when.

This is the bow hanger I made.

I made these letters when I was pregnant, and this dresser used to be Brian's, and also when I was pregnant, we pained it white and bought new knobs for it. The empty space right now holds a hideous 1970's looking fan that I didn't care to document. But, as I have said before. It gets hot in her room during the day.

When we move we plan on getting her more furniture, but for now this works very well.