Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well Christmas has come and gone. It is kinda sad that its all over. It seems like it doesn't last very long. I kinda secretly like what the Jewish tradition does. They get presents for 8 whole days! What's cooler then that? Well ours was fabulous this year with snow included!

This was Maddie's 2nd Christmas and she was able to enjoy it a little more this year. Shewas able to go outside and stand in the snow for a little bit. She LOVED seeing all the Snow Men wich she called "mo man" and she also loved seeing Santa's and saying "ho ho ho" while pointing to them. She also loved the new toys she got from Santa. She was so excited to play with what Santa brought her, we had to put them away so she could open the rest of the presents under the tree. 

Brian and I were also very blessed. We spent Christmas eve at the Edward's house then we stayed home for Christmas Day. We opened TONS of presents and ate more then enough food. 

I got a lot of Dillad's gift cards (that I asked for) because every year around this time of year (last year it was on new years day) that Dillard's has an AMAZING shoe sale. Everything is 50% off, then an additional 40% off of that! My mom and I are going this year and I know we will have a fabulous time! 

This year Corey, Ashlee and her friends Rachel and Heather went on Vacation to Brazil. They left this afternoon and will be back in a couple of weeks. Brian and I couldn't help but feel a little upset that we were not going with them. 

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Second Week Of December

This second week of December was very adventurous for us. Our 4th anniversary was on the 17th. This year, the 17th fell on a thursday, so we decided to go out on friday. We decided to go to a Brazilian style steak house that is relatively close to our house. Its called Master Grill. Its kinda pricey, we had only been there a couple of times, so we decided to go there since it was a special occasion. So on thursday, it was a pretty quiet day. I went to school, and when I came home I did the usual boring house things that I usually do. After Brian came home, we decided that he would give Maddie a bath, while I went out to Blockbuster and then to Taco Bell (since I don't plan diner on the days I have to work)  to get a movie and dinner. Well, I had just gone to Blockbuster and was stopped at a stop light in the turning lane, about to get diner, when ALL OF A SUDDEN, I feel this enormous push against me and the biggest BANG sound you can imagine. I IMMEDIATELY knew I had been hit. Since I had been in a accident in Abliene that had totaled my car, I was pretty familiar with the feeling and sound of cars hitting each other. The first thing I sad after the force of it all pushed me almost making my head hit the steering wheel, was YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! mostly because I was driving my knew car. Not knew, but knew to me, and its in a really good shape! 

I got out and looked at the 16ish year old girl and her younger brother that were getting out of the car behind me.  She was freaking out holding her phone saying she was going to call her dad and she didn't know what to do because that had never happened to her before. I rolled my eyes, keeping unusual composure and dialed 911. I was annoyed beyond belief.  Thank goodness, that all that was damaged on my car was the bumper. But she did a number on her car! She was driving an Acura rsx, so it was really low to the ground. It messed up her entire front end. We were also blocking traffic and the 911 operator kept asking me a million questions. All I wanted was for a police man to come over to us, and for me to call Brian. Which i couldn't because I think it would de rude for me to hang up on a 911 person. 

After I called Brian about what happened, he immediately came to meet me. While I was waiting for the police and Brian to get there (which seemed like FOREVER) the girls dad came up and asked me If i had insurance. I said yes and that i called the police and we need to wait until he got there. This man got mad at me!! Can you believe it!? He said he could have handled it and why did I call the police? I said, "well thats all that I know what to do and he's on his way." The guy mumbled something and went back to his daughter. I was thinking to myself. Your dumb daughter just HIT MY car, and you are complaining that I called the police? Idiot! 
I later found out that the girls dad also questioned the police why he was giving the girl a ticket for following to closely or something like that. I mean, why should she get a ticket right? She just cause a huge car accident! Some people! 

The police and Brian finally came. He told us to drive our cars into a parking lot, to not block traffic. He asked me if I was feeling ok and i told him my neck hurt and my lower head. That was a mistake because he proceeded to call the ambulance! I was like OMG!!!! The emt's came out with their sirens and everything to ask me a few questions. They told me I should go to the hospital to get checked out. I said "K" not only because they told me to, but also because Brian was insisting. 

After that Brian drove me to the hospital and they told me I had a neck strain. (or something like that) due to whip lash. After a couple of hours there, we picked up our Taco Bell (by then I was starving) and went home. Uhg!! some night! 

The next night was much better!! Brian came home from work and I was all ready to go out. A little sore from the night before, but thats ok. when we got to his car he pulled out his gift to me. He told me to stand there and to not turn around. Out of no were, he came up to me holding up a super cute camel colored leather bag from COACH!! AAAHH! I was so excited and impressed! He hates going in that store because its always so crowded! He did so good! I was not expecting it at all! I gave him some stuff from Banana Republic and he liked it too. We had a fabulous diner and a great anniversary! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brian's b-day is NOT overshadowed by Christmas!

WOW! Things have been crazy around here. We had our annual christmas party at church, Brian's birthday AND a family photo shoot ALL in the SAME weekend! It was crazy but fun. Brian turned 26 this past friday and the family went to Brio, a FABULOUS italian restaurant, then we came back home for cake coffee and presents. It was a little low key this year, no huge party, but thats what he wanted, so thats what he got! I joke around that his birthday is overshadowed by Christmas since its SO close together, but in reality, I try to not make it that way. Poor guy! 

The family photo shoot I did turned out great! They are the sweetest family and we had a great time even though it was mid 40's and windy! Nevertheless, they have got some great photos in return. 

I am surprised that I have been pretty busy these past few months with photography. I don't always post them on here but if you would like an idea of what I do, you should go to my website www.taraedwardsphotography.com and check it out!