Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ashlee's wedding and some portrtaits

I am SO excited to FINALLY be able to share Ashlee's bridal portraits! These were taken sometime in May I think, so I have been waiting a while to post these. The wedding was beautiful and so much fun. The Venue was Ashton Garden's in Corinth, close to Denton. There were no major casualties, just a few things we had forgotten at home like the guest sign-in book and a couple of other little things like that. We didn't even realize they were forgotten until we were back at home. But, I guess even with the best planning, there is always something that winds up missing or forgotten.

Maddie did awesome as the flower girl. She walked down the isle throwing hand fulls of flowers, even though her dress was a little long (we didn't want to get it altered b/c she's wearing the same dress for Rachel's wedding) she did just fine going down. Leaving however, she put on a slight show. Ashlee had been talking to Maddie that she would be moving to Houston to live with Michael after the wedding. They even had one last "slumber party" in her room before Ashlee got married and everything. Well, when the couple was pronounced "husband and wife" and walked back down the isle, Maddie thought Ashlee was leaving for good without saying good-buy. Maddie got very upset and didn't want to walk back down the isle with me and my escort. She just sat there with tears in her eyes shaking her head to me. I finally had to whisper to her she could go back with daddy (who was sitting in the front row) or come with me now. She hesitated but grabbed my hand and walked back down with me. The crowd had no idea why she was so upset and they thought the whole thing was really funny. I wasn't that bothered by it, I went in with the expectation that you never know what a little kid is going to do in a situation like that, and I also felt bad for her since she thought Ashlee was leaving her then and there. Other then that, she was a champ and I'm excited to see her as the flower girl in Corey and Rachel's wedding. Maddie did get very upset and needed to be held after Michael and Ashlee got in the car to drive away. It melted my heart.

On the dance floor, Maddie was hysterical, not really knowing what to do, but to bounce up and down in that balloon of a dress to the music playing. She also made a friend Lilly, who was also 4. They had a great time together.

I don't have any pictures of the event, since I was in it, but hopefully I'll be able to get a few of Maddie dancing from someone. 

There are not great by any means, but all I had was a borrowed Iphone with me to take a couple of pictures of Brian dancing with Maddie. I thought it was so sweet.


Oh yea, and about that tid-bit in my last post about 5 days ago about not swelling yet, well I guess I spoke to soon, because my feet and ankles are starting to be affected. And my fingers. I have to stop every once and a while to elevate them, and my shoes are not very comfortable anymore. I think its a combination of the heat and pregnancy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

28 Weeks

Today I am 28 weeks along. So, I'm officially in my third trimester. I thought this time would never come and when I think about the fact that Ive been pregnant since January, It makes me a little nauseous. 9 months is just WAY to long.

So far everything is going well. I had my 28 week check-up yesterday where I had to do the glucose test. It was not very pleasant, but it wasn't as bad as the one I had with Maddie. This drink tasted like a VERY VERY sweet semi-flat orange Fanta. After I was done, I was a little sick to my stomach, but it passed after a while. The heart beat was great and I'm measuring normally. I had the pleasure of being "checked" yesterday for any signs of premature labor, and even though I had been cramping in my lower abdomen and back, there were no signs of danger. My Dr. said, as I suspected, was probably just my uterus growing and stretching. It would be odd to have signs of premature labor with this pregnancy, since with Maddie, I had no signs of labor AT ALL. Hence the C-Section.

I'm glad to finally be on the down-hill with this pregnancy. Even though I've been looking forward to this time, its starting to wear on me. For the most part I feel good and energized, but my hips are starting to hurt. I feel like with this pregnancy I'm carrying much lower, so the weight on my belly is intense after a full day of being up and around, so I'm already feeling more tired at the end of the day. Other then that everything is great. I also feel like I have been more active during this pregnancy. Not really on purpose, but keeping up with Maddie, and now that its so hot, we've been swimming a lot. I know I've gained weight, but I don't think its been excessive. I haven't begun to swell yet either so that's good.

It looks like we are talking about a possible due-date change as well. My original due date is October 11th. Which is on a Thursday. My Dr. was talking about scheduling a c-section on Monday the 8th (which is only 3 days earlier). He did this because this practice only schedules deliveries on Mon, Tues and Wednesdays. But, he told me yesterday that they are adding a new Dr. to their practice and she will be the one who will be in charge of scheduled deliveries on Thursdays. Which means, I can have this baby exactly one week early on October the 4th. I'm not concerned about Reese coming early on her own, but having her on a Thursday has so much more advantages then on a Monday. Plus, Corey and Rachel's wedding is on October 20th in San Antonio, so the longer the time between the two events, the better.

I'll post an updated picture soon.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

We had a lot of fun yesterday. Our plans for the 4th began a few weeks ago when my Aunt that lives in Azle and has a big back yard with a pool, told us they were going to be traveling to Europe for a couple of weeks and said she needed someone to watch the house while they are gone. We were not able to do that the whole time they were gone, but we told her we could go over there during the holiday. Which for us worked out perfect.

Brian, Maddie and I left on Tuesday when Brian came home from work and met my parents and my sister, another aunt and uncle and their family, and my brother and his fiance at the house.
We spent the night and had great time just hanging out by the pool all day. My grandparents also came up on Wednesday and joined us for lunch.We had a great 4th of July holiday spread.

After everyone left, and it got dark, Brian, dad and Corey shot bottle rockets and M80's, and Maddie got to hold a sparkler. Since we were outside city limits, things like that are allowed. I think the guys had way too much fun with the explosives.

We had to head back home on Wednesday after the fireworks because Brian had to be at work in the morning. He's still trying to hold of on his vacation time. We didn't get home till after midnight and Maddie didn't even wake up when Brian transported her from her car seat to her bed. Luckily she already had her pj's on.

We had a great 4th. I can't believe that this time next year we will have a 9 month old to add to the mix!  
Corey brought his dog Petey to hang out with us.

 He's crazy.
 Petey liked to chase Corey and Maddie around the pool. He's surprisingly a very fast swimmer for a dog. Maddie thought it was hysterical.

 Maddie also mastered the art of blowing bubbles.
 There were also a few games of Volleyball.
 Maddie was very excited to hold a sparkler, but at the same time, she was wilting fast. After a full day of swimming, it was WAY past her bed time. But she did her best to be a good sport.
 The M80's were kind of loud.

Watching the bottle rockets shoot up to the sky.
 The guys and their fun. Dangerous, I know.
There were no casualties on this day. We all had a great time. Happy Summer!