Monday, March 4, 2013

Reese-5 Months

Reesey is 5 months today!

Not a lot happening in between well visits, but I do know that she weighs a little over 17 lb's because I had to take her in last Wednesday. Reese got her first cold last week. It started on Sunday night and progressively got worse. By Thursday night she was coughing so bad she was throwing up after she ate and Brian and I took her to Acute Kids because she couldn't catch a breath. Scary times.

She got checked out and it was still just a cold and nothing they could do for her. Great.
Since then, she's been waking up about 1:30 a.m. and coughing profusely. The first night I wrapped ourselves in a blanket and took her outside to breath in the cold air then back inside to rock her. I keep her upright hoping that gravity will do it's job and move any gunk she has in her chest down. Since then, she's still been waking up coughing but I've just been rocking her and the cough seems to be subsiding.

By today she's doing much better. I can still hear gurgles from her nose and chest, but its probably just what has lingered from last week. I'm hoping that tonight will be the night she will not wake up coughing.

Since all this cuddling has been taking place, which despite the circumstances, I LOVE, the fondness she once had for her bed has gone and replaced by the need to be on me at all times. We have been struggling with major separation anxiety and we are having to re-learn how to sleep by ourselves in our own bed. And by we, I mean Reese.

Other then that, she is a sweet baby, she loves to smile and laugh at familiar faces. She loves to be naked and bath time.

We also tried rice cereal for the first time today and it went a little something like this:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Maddie's 5th Birthday

Maddie is 5! How time does fly by! I can't believe I will soon have a kindergartener and life will change forever as I know it. She will no longer be a sweet little preschooler, but soon be referred to as a "big kid." How do I bottle her and all of her innocence up and keep it forever? I do not want things to change. And as hard as I try to hold on to this little girl, she in turn, can't wait to get older.

She had her 5 Year check up today and is 38.6 lb's 50% and 41.5 in 40%. I think those lower scale percentages will follow her all her life. She is right on track on growth and developmental stages. Her teachers said she was doing well at school and her progress report was great. I am excited about the Kinder she is going to though. She will be going to Gem Express in Lucas. It's a M-Th school 9-2. I feel so much better about this decision then having her go to public school right now. I think going to school all day every day is so rough for a 5 year old. There will be two other friends from GOCP that will be going there also, so she will see some familiar faces. I feel blessed we are able to do this for her and comforted as well.

Last Saturday Maddie had a birthday party where she invited friends from preschool and went ice skating at the Allen Events Center. The kids loved the party. I on the other hand, thought it was a little crazy. There is something to be said about parties where there are coordinators that set up and tear down for you. I had my mom taking pictures and friends helping set up and taking video footage. I had to work on calming Reese down who was having a melt down AND make sure all kids had a wrist band that allowed them to skate. Brian was busy doing other things as well, and like I said before, if Reese needs to be comforted, its going to have to be me to do it. Since I am the queen of multi-tasking, I was ok doing all those things, but in turn I wasn't able to enjoy the table setting I had worked so hard to plan out, nor was I able to really enjoy the party itself. We had to be in and out of the room in 1 hr. So in between setting up, snaking, singing, eating, cleaning up and putting on skates, it was crazy town. But, the kids didn't notice a thing and they loved all of it, and that's what matters.

On Thursday Maddie had a little party celebration at school together with another little girl from her class. They celebrated with donuts and Brian stayed home from work to celebrate with her. While she was at school Brian worked on putting together her birthday gift from us and my parents and her reaction was priceless when she came home and discovered the play house outside.

Per request, we are going to Panera Bread for dinner tonight. She will have the usual ham/cheese sandwich with a side of yogurt.

The other day Maddie asked me if we could go to Firehouse subs for lunch and I told her we couldn't that day, but maybe on her birthday we could go. She said ok, then asked if we could go to Panera Bread for her birthday dinner. I said yes. We can go there for dinner. Then she asked if we could also go to Sunny Street Cafe for breakfast. I said meals out was probably enough for one day.

I'd say it was a great birthday and even though its sad to see her not be a baby anymore, I'm anxious to know what God has planned for this sweet, tender-hearted, easy to please wonderful little girl.

The Theme was Strawberry Shortcake. I made cupcakes, strawberry and pound cake skewers with cool whip to dip and white chocolate covered pretzels. 

 I also had water bottle labels made for water, and on the right I had containers full goodies to take home.

One of her presents was a scooter. Complete with protective accessories. 

 Party at School
 The two birthday girls

Blowing out the "friend Candles"

Reese didn't know what she was missing

Loves her new house!