Saturday, May 18, 2013


Wow, have we been busy little bees these past few weeks.

First off, I will start with two new things Reese has done. First-SHE ROLLED OVER! yay! ha. Yes. She is 7 months old and has just now rolled over. Like Maddie, I have never been concerned about not reaching this mile stone most children reach as early as 3months. My girls never seem to be interested in being on their tummy's. I do see how this could be a concern, but they did move around on their play mat every time I put them down. They were also reaching other mile stones like sitting up etc... Maddie didn't care to roll over until after she started crawling. Reese did it for a different reason.

The other day, I just had a lot going on and I was trying to buy some time before Reese's last feeding and bed time, so I put her down to play on her play mat. I knew she was very tired already so I didn't sit her up. By doing this and walking out of sight made Reese SO mad! I guess she wanted to show me who was in charge because Maddie came in to my room shouting that Reese had just rolled over all by herself. I was skeptical at first. I rolled her back and a few minutes later she got mad again and rolled over a second time. I was there to witness that one. She did it one more time after that, and then I picked her up to get ready for bed. She hasn't done it since, but I bet that if I lay her down and she gets real mad, she may do it again.

Another first for Reese is she learned how to blow raspberries. Its very cute to see her expressions when shes doing it.

We also had Baby Dedication Sunday. I love this Sunday. Its such a special time for the new babies and their families. Reese did well on stage, no melt-downs to that was great. Sunday mornings are always tough. If she doesn't fall asleep in my arms, she winds up missing two naps by the time we get home after lunch. Sometimes we don't even make it to lunch.  But she did great and it all went well.

A first for Maddie this past week was her preschool graduation. The program was adorable, the 4's were Who's from Whoville. I did shed a few tears during the graduation/end of year slide show. She did so well performing and then going up on stage to receive her diploma. She had a blast. We've been talking a lot about her new school and Kindergarten, so I hope it will be a smooth transition when the time comes. I enrolled her in the G.O. summer camp this summer to get one last time there with some old friends.

Maddie also had her last day of preschool this week. On Tuesday they had Fun in the Sun day which the kids always look forward to. I got to sub that day and It was fun being there with her one last time on such a fun day.

On Thursday they had their end of year party. The kids had fun and I shed some tears on our way home reading the sweet note her teachers wrote in her folder.

I loved having Ms. Dina and Ms. Robyn as her teachers!

I'm glad I still have another baby to hold on to that hopefully will also be making her way through G.O. like her big sister did. I know we have all been greatly blessed by this preschool. Now, If i can just learn the ropes of "big kid school" we will be in good shape.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Reese 7 months

Today Reese is 7 months old!
Not a whole lot of changes since last month. I'm guessing she weighs close to 18lb's now. She's still in size 3 diapers, but it looks like she will be out of those pretty soon. I just bought a huge box of diapers and I'm contemplating exchanging them for a size 4 because I don't think they will last. She is in size 6-9 month clothes and also 9-12 depending on the cut and brand.
Reese is sitting up all by herself now and only occasionally when she's trying to reach for something she falls over.
Her schedule is also more predictable now, which for me is a little easier to plan my day. She takes 3 naps a day, averaging to about an hour each. Sometimes one will be a really long nap like 1.5hrs +, then the other 2 will be shorter. She sleeps about 13hrs at night, going to bed at 7:00 pm and wakes up between 7:30-8:00. But that also all depends on how well she sleeps at night. Lately she hasn't been sleeping so soundly because shes teething. These past few nights Ive been getting up repeatedly to give her more Motrin, teething tables and her pacifier.
Reese continues to be a cuddle bug. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to get her to go to sleep in my arms when we are out somewhere when its nap time, like church or mom-to-mom etc... She's too distracted with everything else. She LOVES her bed. When its bed time, I hold her and giver her a pacifier and a little stuffed giraffe she cuddles with. She will grab on to the giraffe and lay on me for a minute till I lay her down. She will usually play or talk to herself for a little bit, then lay on her side and fall asleep. Its the cutest thing. 
Reese has reached a really fun age. She loves to play, loves sitting in her bouncer/exsersaucer and loves to play with Maddie. Maddie will jump up and down and make silly faces at Reese, and Reese will belly laugh at her. Its so funny.
Reese is also loving solids. The two new ones I have given her is papaya and squash. But her favorites still seem to be the combo of avocado and banana. I still only feed her once a day. I'm hopping this summer when our schedule is a little less crazy I will be able to get on a good feeding schedule for Reese. (I'm referring only to solids. I do feed my child. Clearly.)
Another first: Reese got her first bad rash/allergy attack the other day. I have no idea why or how it happened, but we were outside, then all of a sudden her right eye got real red and watery and itchy, then the whole right side of her face got red and splotchy. I still have no idea how or why happened, but I can only assume it was something in the air that must have bothered her. Thank goodness it hasn't happened again. But thanks to an after-hours call to Dr. Kellum, I will now be prepared with the amount of Benadryl I can give her if I have to.

Keeping these stickers on is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Loves Sister!

LOVES bath time!

6.5 month photo