Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Fun Day.

Today Maddie and I had a fun day!
First, we went to ASI and I watched her do her gymnastics thing. She has made good friends with this other girl Kayson. Kayson will be 3 next month and I have gotten to know Kayson's mom pretty well. We sit on the bleachers and talk while the kids jump and tumble. A few weeks ago we had planned to take the girls to Hawaiian Falls, a water park in Garland. Supposedly its super fun, cheaper (and a lot closer) then the water park in Arlington, and we had planned on going and checking it out today after Gymnastics. We especially wanted to go today because it would be before the "big" kids got out of public school. However, Kayson's mom (Jeannie) realized yesterday that the park is only open for party's or school functions this week, and will be open for the public next week. BUMMER! Maddie had been talking about going swimming with Kayson all day yesterday, I'm just glad I wasn't specific on where we the swimming would take place.

So, instead of going to Hawaiian Falls, which I'm sure we will have many other opportunities to check it out, we went to Kayson's neighborhood pool. The girls had a blast. Their kiddie pool was only 6" deep and there was also a water spray area. Maddie wanted nothing to do with it, but it was cool just the same.

I got to work on my tan and talk to Jeannie while the girls had fun in the water. I'm really enjoying this stage Maddie is in right now. I think this is the stage I wish I could keep her at forever. She is independent and can do lots by herself (including going potty without even having to tell me about it!) and her daddy and I are still the center of her world. I will just die when that changes I know. But...I will not think about that right now! ( As I am listening to Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance" on Pandora. Tear!)