Monday, January 30, 2012

New Blog/Website

I am pleased to announce the new photo-blog/website for my photography business. I have been very blessed that my little business is growing steadily over the past few months. Since I haven't been working outside of the home, I have been really been able to kick in into high gear. I have bought some new equipment that I have been DYING to have and my goal will to be LLC within the next year. It is a tough market out there for photographers, but I think I have been doing well for myself, and I have been very happy with the work I have been giving. At least my Art degree is helping me out a little! I hope everyone is able to take a look at it, because honestly, I have been working on it for over a WEEK! all day long! Poor Maddie probably feels neglected! I pretty much taught myself how to use I know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, but Adobe Illustrator, is something different all together, used mainly for graphic designers, but I am so proud to have taught myself how to do a few tricks to make my website look more legit. So, PLEASE take a look, even if its just to look at the hard work I put into it! Ha!

I am proud of this little endeavor and I hope I can keep it running until I decided I don't want to do it anymore.

or click the link to the left that says Tara Edwards Photography.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ashlee's engagement photos

This has been a busy weekend for me as far as photography goes. Friday night Brian and I drove to Keller to shoot a wedding, which a sneak peak will be available in a few days on my photo blog. Then, Saturday, Ashlee and her new fiance, Michael drove up for me to take their engagement photos. We went to my favorite spots to take the photos. I just absolutely love how the light shines through the trees and you get that awesome bokeh in the back ground. Just see for yourself. To see more, go to my photo blog:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things Maddie Says

Maddie has been saying the funniest things lately and I just wanted to document them.

One of her babies has been "sick". She has actually been sick for months now. Every night Maddie tucks her baby in her baby's bed and gives her some "medicine". Its really cute how shes been acting like the little mommy. The other day Brian texted me what she told him about her baby. "Nenem (baby in Portuguese) is athroat. Her arms hurt and he tummy and legs are sore." Poor Nenem.

She also told me one day when we were at Target that she wanted princes band aids because they match her princess toothpaste.

She has also been really funny about giving me choices the way we give her choices. We give her choices from what color straw she wants in her juice, to choices to correct bad behavior, but lately she has been asking me questions with choices like: "How long is Aunt Ashlee going to be here? 1 minute or 5 minutes?

I know there are more funny little things she has been saying, but of course I cant think of them right now, but I will be making a new post of those every time she says something. Things like that are worth remembering!

On another note, last Saturday I took Maddie to a friend's birthday party. The theme was a Princess and Knight party (mostly princesses). The girls were SO cute and you could tell they really enjoyed being a princess for the day. The boys were typical boys. Its funny how you can tell the major differences between boys and girls at such young ages.

She's ready to go! She even had on matching shoes that the heals lit up.

Monday, January 2, 2012

December 2011

I have not done a good job in blogging this month. After Brian's birthday, we celebrated our anniversary. Since we had already celebrated in style last month, we just went out to dinner and a movie. We saw Sherlock Holmes and it was just as fantastic as the first one.

The weekend before Christmas we took Maddie to go see Santa. In the years past, we took Maddie to Fairview to see him. We love that Santa, and there was absolutely no wait, so we thought we would go there again this year. Well, first, he wasn't in the same spot he was in the past years and second, we got there and the wait was 2.5hrs long! We later found out we could have signed up on-line and waited at home. Note to self for next year. Maddie was so excited to see him that we didn't want to leave and come back another day. Luckily for us, we haven't had lunch yet, so we got lunch and walked around the mall until it was our turn. When it got closer to our turn, we waited in line for a little bit, and I thought she would get real shy and not want to go up to him by herself. But boy, was I wrong. When it was her turn, she all but sprinted to him and jumped up on his lap. The whole thing was so cute! She kept looking up at him like he was a dream. She was so mesmerized by him! It was precious!

A few days after that, cookies were made, Fondue was eaten, presents were opened and good times have been had by all.

It is hard to annoy a 3-year-old, but my dad has mastered the skill.

This year we drove to Arlington on Friday to exchange presents with my extended family.

On Christmas eve we (I) made Fondue. We did a cheese, a meet in Coq-Ou-Vin sauce and a chocolate. It was SO good! My mom made a chocolate Rum cake for my grandpa's birthday, then we opened presents. Christmas morning, Maddie saw what Santa left for her, then in the afternoon we exchanged presents with Brian's family and we went to Ruth's Chris for diner. I have never been out to eat on Christmas Day, but it was fun and delicious!

Maddie did not partake in the Fondue. She had a respectable ham&cheese sandwich. On wheat.

Corey and Ashlee fought for the same piece of meat.

My Grandpa's birthday is Christmas Day, but we celebrated the night before because not everyone would be around Christmas Day.

We had a lot of fun this holiday! We wish for a healthy and prosperous New Year to everyone!