Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reese- 10 months

Oh wow, we are WAY past due with this one!

Reese has been 10 months since the 4th of this month. Today is the 20th, and I am just now getting around to taking her picture and posting it. I'll just say, there has been a lot going on this month. There has been a lot of packing and de-cluttering and organizing. None of which I have been very motivated to get accomplished.
Its been very hot, and trying to pack up things you and your kids use on a daily basis is nearly impossible. I think on Thursday I'm just going to get a box and shove everything else left over into it.  Showers and personal hygiene is overrated. I told myself the next time we move, my kids will be old enough to pack up their things themselves.

Here, Reese is being a helper while I pack up her room.

Now, about Reese:

This past month she has tried and eaten a lot of different foods and she loves them all. Last night I made spaghetti for dinner. I threw some meet sauce and noodles in the baby bullet just to get the large chunks out and gave that to her for dinner. She loved it. She still only has about 6 front teeth but she gums that food like a champ! She has also tried cut-up bananas (not mashed) cut up peaches and black beans. I like that she is starting to feed herself. This is new territory for me since Maddie ate pureed foods till she was 15months old. Maddie would not want anything to do with "real" food.

 Reese is still in size 4 diapers and wears 9-12 month clothes and she can get away with wearing 12-18 months as well depending on the brand.

Reese has also started crawling this past month. Its more like an army crawl, but it gets her places. She can go from sitting to crawling, but hasn't figured out how to get back to the sitting position. She has also started trying to pull up on things, like the bumper on her crib.

Reese isn't saying any words other then typical baby babble, but she understands quite a few words. She understands: Reese, No, come here, kisses (and she gives kisses when asked) dance, bounce and milk. Any time music is playing she will sway her body back and fourth as if dancing and she will also fake laugh. This is hilarious. I cant explain how she does it, but its really funny. She can also whistle. I know, my baby is a genius. She puckers her lips and blows in, which makes a whistle sound and that's how she woke me up on the monitor this morning. She also loves to imitate us. Whistling, blowing raspberries, laughing...Her personality has really developed this past month. I can also see traces of tantrum throwing in our future, but hopefully we can nip that in the bud.

Reese is a sweet sweet baby and I cant get enough of her. She also loves playing with her sister and Reese knows when Maddie is not in the car with us. It will be interesting to see if Reese notices Maddie's absence while shes at school.

I love my sweet girls!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last Contruction Update

This will probably be the last construction update (even though this is only the 2nd one on here). We will be closing in 2.5 weeks so everything is pretty much done at this point. The main things left is the concrete for the sidewalk and driveway, appliances and minor touch ups on the inside. Here is what we have so far in pictures. I forgot to get a photo of the finished brick/stone, but that will come later. I also know its past time for Reese's 10 month post, but I haven't been able to get her picture yet. Hopefully I'll get that tomorrow. 

Brick on the back

We got tile!

one of the upgrades we chose was to add tile all the way up to the living room. 

Master Bath

Master shower- don't know what i took that crooked. 

Entry way

Guest bath (girls bath)


Counter tops 

Master shower with bench and grout added

Counter tops in master bath

We got our fixtures!

Tile and counter tops in kitchen

Back of the house coming along- it took FOREVER to finish the brick on this house. 

Fixtures in master bath

Magazene rack in the master bath.

girls bathroom with fixtures

Front entry fixtures

Master bath- DONE!!

Master bedroom with carpet- DONE!!

Kitchen/living room floors DONE!!

(This is not our front door. They will put the one that goes there when they get closer to finishing) 

Girls bath -DONE!

Laundry Room- DONE.- Its not interesting, but we do have one, so I thought I would show it.

Maddie's Room- Finished. I made the window seat cushion the other day as well. 

Reese's Room- Done. (minus the window that wont lock. It got damaged when they had to remove the window and move it up several weeks earlier, and since then it wont shut all the way.) 

4rth bedroom/office/craft room- Done!

Dining room/Play room- Done!

Back view of the living room. 

Almost done with Brick/Stone.

Frame for the front steps and side walk

I really cant believe we are already here. We started this process in April and back then, August felt like a lifetime away. I feel like I have a million things to do, but at the same time, I can't really do those things until the week we move. How do you pack up toys and everyday things when you and especially your kids use them everyday? Also, can I just talk about the fact that we close on Friday the 23rd and Maddie starts Kinder the following MONDAY? If I don't make any public appearances a few weeks after that, its because I will be in the house "unpacking" and not huddled up in the fetal position trying to remember life before my 5 year old became a big girl, going to big school, making friends on her own and living her life without me.