Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Fun DAY!

Today, July 5th, is Brian's first day of Vacation. We have a lot going on this summer, so we decided to just stay home and do things around the surrounding area. Today we went to the Dallas Arboretum. On Mondays they have special activities for kids like a petting zoo, face paint, flower houses, a Petter Rabbit display, I was a little disappointed because Peter Rabbit was just a little bunny in a cage, but, nevertheless, Maddie enjoyed seeing him. They also have little houses from the pioneer days kids can walk and play through. It was SO cute! After all that we sat down to have a picnic lunch under a tree. It was a lot of fun!

The only thing bad was that it was SO HOT walking through the Arboretum. I mistakingly wore a cotton/poly blend shirt, witch made me sweat profusely. I was SO embarrassed! I almost went to the gift store to buy me a t-shirt.

On Wednesday, Brian will be able to go with us to Tiny Tots at ASI Gymnastics for the first time. He is excited because he has never had the opportunity to see her since he's always at work, so that will be fun. We will also be spending time with family from out of town, friends and other things around here.

Inside one of the flower houses were Peter Rabbit's furniture was displayed.

Little Peter Rabit
Big Peter Rabbit

A Sod House

Brian wanted to try tilling up the dirt a little bit.

We got close enough to a squirrel to take his picture. He was cute.