Thursday, September 27, 2012

38 Weeks

This time next week I will be holding our new little girl! I'm so excited to finally get to meet her and hold her and go through all the new-born rituals again. I'm also excited for Maddie to finally get to meet her. I think she's been waiting the longest because little kids don't have a sense of time, so for her its been absolutely forever.
Yesterday at my final OB appointment, I was checked for any signs of dilation and of course there were none, but sense I have been having minor irregular contractions, she wanted to make sure. If there was any dilation, we would have pushed the c-section date up a bit because it would be dangerous for my current scar.
This made me think about what makes one chance for a VBAC more dangerous then another? Or maybe its always dangerous, but some Dr.'s are OK with the odds? I would think that after 4 years, I would be perfectly fine to try it if I wanted to. I guess if I had pushed for it, they might let me, but considering the reasons why I had a c-section the first place, I'm perfectly fine having another one. Her comment just made me curious.
I also got all the details for next Thursday. I was told to have an awesome meal on Wednesday night because the anesthesiologist wont let me eat all day after surgery, so I will be hungry on Thursday. After she told me that, I remembered that my last meal with Maddie was dinner Thursday night and since she wasn't born until Saturday at 3:45 am, I didn't get to eat until Saturday evening. I was famished! Luckily this time I wont have to wait THAT long. Brian and I are supposed to arrive at L&D at 7:30am and surgery will take place at 9:30am.
I guess this also means that this week I need to get packed, make sure Brian is packed, get the car seat in the car and get Maddie's car seat in my mom's car and make sure Maddie is completely situated.  I feel like there is so much more to think about when another child is involved.
I am also scared about how our routine will go with me being up with Reese, while also needing to take care of Maddie. She can be pretty self-sufficient when it comes to entertaining herself, but the child does still need to eat. and bathe. and go to school. and gymnastics.
I pray for a safe delivery and a perfectly healthy baby girl.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lego Land

Saturday Brian and I decided to take Maddie to Lego Land in Grapevine. Before we decided to go, we had been talking about going out just the two of us, but then, changed our minds so we could all go do something we haven't done before.

 I had seen Lego Land in the Grapevine Mills Mall before, and was curious to see what it was all about. I had also talked to another mom at Maddie's gymnastics that took her kids and they had a great time.

When we got there, we first walked through a small enclosed space where Dr. Brick-a-Brack explained how the Lego's are made. Then we rode a short ride were we had to save a Lego princess using our laser guns to defeat the bad guys. Points were accruing as we shot the bad guys and I had the most points by the end. :) (in comparison to Brian.) 

After that, we walked around and found other things to do. There was a 15min 4D animation video, A miniature Lego Land, an indoor play place for very small kids and big kids. There was also a ride that went in circles simultaneously going up and down. But it was very slow, and I think that if Maddie had been in a better mood she would have enjoyed the ride. But for some reason the entire time we were there, she was pouty and cranky. There were Lego building stations everywhere and her favorite was the Lego Go-Carts. She did this twice and the first time she didn't even make it all around the track. This was the first time she had been on a ride all by herself and were she was in total control. The cars were just like power wheels and she was barely tall enough to ride it, but we went on in anyways. The second time she seemed to get the hang of it and made it all the way around just in time. She was excited about that.

We all had fun. I know Maddie had fun too, even though at some points she chose not to display it.

When we were done at Lego Land, and since we were in Grapevine, we decided to go ahead and head off to Fort Worth to meet my parents, Corey, Ashlee and Michael who had come into town for Family week at TCU. They had been at the TCU game and were meeting us for diner at Jo-T's. Brian and I were not planning on going, since its a long drive just to go have dinner, BUT since we were already half way there, we joined them. Since we had a change of plans, we decided to make that my dad's birthday celebration since his birthday was Sunday. I'm glad we decided go to, the times that my whole family will be together will probably be fewer and farther in between after all of us are married.

It wound up being a busy, but a fun day. Maybe next weekend will be our big and final date night before Reese joins us.

Miniature Land- Rangers Ballpark

Fair grounds

South Fork Ranch. Its funny to see a monument like this that I could walk to from my house. 

I took some pictures with my new phone to try it out. They were in line for one of the rides.  


She was in tears by the end of this ride. Sometimes getting her to try new things back fires.

The Go-Carts. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

37 Weeks

Today after I dropped Maddie off at preschool I went to my 37 week appointment. Luckily I didn't need to be "checked" because I'm not having regular contractions and I'm having a c-section. I do feel quite a few of false labor contractions or Braxton Hicks in my lower back and abdomen but that's it. The nurse thought that my thyroid and white blood count looked low (which I already knew about the white blood cells) but my Dr. said everything looked good, so I guess even though they look low, its still within range so its not a problem. I have been surprised at how I have not been sick this entire pregnancy. Not even a cold even when Maddie and Brian were sick a few times. Now, I have two weeks to go and I have a sore throat and a cough that is killing my chest. So far, no fever, so I'm praying for no infection because I DO NOT want to be on antibiotics right now. He said I could take Robitussin a few times, but I think I'm going to wait and see if I feel better within a couple of days so I don't have to take that either. All I will say is "Thank you God's Garden duty last Sunday for giving me the sniffles."

I also got my Tdap shot today. Apparently there is a rise in pertussis cases in infants because adults are not keeping up with their 10 year boosters. Who remembers to get a shot every 10 years? Also apparently pertussis in that shot doesn't really last 10 years and becomes almost ineffective after all that time. My Dr. said they just got the OK about 2 months ago to start giving pregnant women the shot after their 28th week. He said for those of us who had already passed 28 weeks at that time, they would have given me the shot after the baby was born, but since I asked about it, they gave it to me today. This information is kind of scary. Especially since we will be traveling so soon after birth. I thought it would have been passed on through little kids, but since they get their boosters so frequently, they are not the ones to worry about.

On the "to do" list they give you at the Dr.'s office, apparently I should have already installed the car seat, but we have yet to do that. I also should be packing, but at this point I have about 3 things I can wear, so I think the packing will have to wait.

Next week is our LAST full week, then its baby time!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

36 Weeks

Officially 3 weeks from today, we will be bringing a new little girl into this world. Looking back, I cant believe how quickly came upon us. Even though I feel as if these past few weeks have absolutely been dragging. I think its just the anticipation and the fact that I'm running out of things to do to prepare. I have been blessed that we got most everything on our registry and we already bought some of the rest ourselves. Brian's parents are getting us a glider next week which was the "big" item I didn't have with Maddie and I'm excited to have it this time around.

I have washed, sown, put together and organized everything I can think of so far.
Brian and I also threw away a bunch of random things that we were holding on to for some reason and got the spare bedroom all set up. We wont be putting up the crib because we plan on being able to start looking for a house in the Spring. We might end up putting it up, but hopefully not. For now we set up the bassinet that Maddie used and Reese will be sleeping right next to me for the next few months.

My 36 week appointment was yesterday and I met the Dr. that will be delivering Reese. (Finally!) I was excited to meet her and I absolutely love her. I wish I had been able to see her the entire pregnancy, but that would have been impossible since she is new to this practice. Dr. Wan was so nice and easy to talk to. IF we have a #3 she will definitely be my Dr. of choice.

During this appointment they checked for the group B strep virus (which was not supper pleasant, but over quickly). She also noticed my SUPER swollen feet and said it was totally normal which I figured. I know swollen feet like that can mean something else, but my blood pressure is great and everything else checked out just fine. (My blood pressure with Maddie was high towards the end which was weird.)

Brian and I have also talked about going out on as many responsibility free dates as we can these next weekends. Last weekend we went to the Cheese Cake Factory then went and saw the new Batman movie. That was a fun outing. We don't usually get to do both. If we leave her with Brian's parents  we have to end up bringing her home at a decent hour for bed. Since my dad has been out of town, I asked my mom put Maddie to bed, so we were free to stay out as late as we wanted! We only have 2 more weekends now and we are thinking of different things to do. When I was pregnant with Maddie I absolutely could NOT breath she was sitting so high. So, going out towards the end was out of the question. I could not sit in a movie for that long and be comfortable. All I wanted to do was lay down. So, we are taking full advantage that Reese is way low. Speaking of which, I am having a hard time not being sarcastic to one more person that tells me shes way low. Yes. I know. She's low. She's been low THE ENTIRE PREGNANCY.

Here are a few pictures of how we set up the nursrey.

This is a heirloom rocking chair that my dad's mom used for him. I recovered it and will be used for decor. The glider will go in the play-room. (I know the owls on the seat are upside-down. I messed up, but my non-perfectionist personality doesn't care enough to go buy more fabric and start over.)

I painted that painting and hung the pretty decorations I got at my shower.

This is a pillow and quilt from her bedding I'm keeping out in the pack-n-play for now.  We set the pack-n-play up for the changing table. But I love her bedding so much I wanted some of it out to look at.

I bought lamps for the girls rooms the other day and found this perfect owl one for Reese. I was very excited!

More wall decor. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Today was Maddie's first (and last first day of preschool :( )

She had a great time. She woke up a little earlier then normal because I think she was excited about the day. We had a leisurely morning getting ready and eating breakfast, then off we went.

When we got there, her teachers greeted her and she didn't hesitate at the door like I thought she would. I walked in with her, reminded her where her seat was, gave hugs and kisses and good first day wishes, and when I was almost out the door, she called back for me for one more hug. Even though she was excited, she was a little nervous.

Then I was off ALONE! I will only have this time twice a week for 30 more days, then I'll have another little body to hang out with me. Even though I do miss Maddie during the day, I do love having the alone time when I'm shopping or running errands. I also thought about coming home and taking a nap. Since I am not sleeping well these days. I really think Reese is going to kick her way out of me sometimes. But shopping it was, since it had to be done anyways, and I did enjoy the time to myself. 

Here are a few pictures I took this morning of Maddie before heading off. I'm so glad she had a great day (not that I had any doubts) and I'm so glad she gets this time for herself as well.