Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time!

It's Christmas! This year our family did something different. We hauled ALL our food and presents on a 3hr. drive to Broken Bow, OK were we stayed in a cabin. Actually, the cabins were in Hotchatown Ok, but the "main" (I use that term VERY loosely) town is Broken Bow. Mainly because of the state park that's in Broken Bow. The biggest thing in Broken Bow is a Walmart and its NOT a supper Walmart. I really don't know what else they have.

Last January I went on a girls trip with some girl friends to this place called Hidden Hills Cabins in Broken Bow. When I came back, I told my mom all about it and since then, we have been planning a family Christmas trip. It was wonderful. They had our cabin decorated with a Christmas Tree and Christmas place-mats and coffee mugs! SO CUTE! Our cabin had 4 bedrooms with KING size beds, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, dining area and a living room with a flat screen. One of the bedrooms had a flat screen too. There were a total of 17 people that drove up, so my grandparents rented a cabin down the road for themselves and other family members. But our cabin was the main one where we did Christmas and had our meals.

We left on Friday, Christmas eve, and came back on Monday. I think I could have stayed an extra couple of days. We had such a relaxing time! We went hiking in the state park, watched movies, hung out in the hot tub, played games, and ate, ate and ate.

There was a fully stocked kitchen and Laundry room

Maddie helped put Candy Canes on our tree. She didn't move from that spot she was standing.

This was our room.

Our bathroom.

There was also a wrap around porch and Hot tub. This was the view we had from the back.

A better view.

Our Cabin was Called Gallo Del Cielo. (Rooster of the sky?)

She picked out the cookies she wanted Santa to have.
Then wrote him a letterAll we had was a sharpie and an index card.
Maddie has been doing through this "I don't want to take pictures" phase. I hope she outgrows it soon.

Showing off what Santa brought her. A new baby doll, clothes for her, puzzles, Thomas the train tracks, and an air plane?


Thursday night, Maddie, my mom and I made Christmas cookies to take to Broken Bow for for Santa.

Sweet Kisses!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter in the Park #2.

I think we are starting a tradition of Winter in the Park at 6 Flags. We went last year, and again this year. Maddie was able to ride more rides, and there were a few she was able to ride by herself, which made me kinda nervous, but she LOVED it. She is kind of a thrill seeker when it comes to riding rides and I have thoughts were I see her jumping out of air planes or from some absurdly high altitude with a bungy cord attached to her anckles. But, on the flip side, she is SUPER cautious, she never climbed or got into things she shouldn't when she was an infant and If someone takes something from her, she wont grab it back, instead, she would just pout about it. So, hopefully those two traits coming together will lead to safe thrill seeking activities like your simple every-day roller coaster. Oh, what will the future hold for me?

So, a few weeks ago, December 5th actually, Brian's birthday, we went to 6 Flags. We had a great time, but it was SO COLD! I think the high was low 40's at like noon. So, around 3:00, the temp. had already dropped drastically. Maddie was able to do just about all the rides in their Kid area, and Brian and I were able to ride some too. Here are some photos of the day.