Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Costume?

As stated in an earlier blog, Maddie is still napping in her pack-n-play. Yes, I have a 2 1/2 year old squeezed into a pack-n-play to nap. She just will NOT stay in her bed. She sleeps in her bed at night just fine! But for nap time, I just don't know what to do to make her stay. Yesterday, however, I was determined to make a change! I was standing my ground! She would nap in her big girl bed, so-long pack-n-play! So I put her in her bed (she was exhausted, I could tell) and tried and tried to get her to go to sleep. I even laid in bed with her for a while, then she thought we were playing a game. It was quite sweet, I had my eyes closed and she patted me and kissed me and told me to have sweet dreams! So cute, but not what I was trying to get accomplished. So I got up and told her to stay in her bed.
During that time, I decided to color my hair. It was WAY past due, so I colored my hair and waited for it to process. About an hour later, it was time to rinse my hair out, but first, I decided to check on Maddie. She had been so quiet I thought she might have actually fallen asleep. I opened the door to her room and found this:

She said it was lotion. But no, it was BUTT PASTE! B.U.T.T. P.A.S.T.E! It was in her hair, eyes, nose, all over!
I was in a pickle. I had to get her cleaned up before she spread it anywhere else, but I also had to get the color out of my hair before it over-processed and fell out. So I snapped a couple of pictures for documentation and possible future blackmail and sat her on a towel on the bathroom floor and rinsed my hair out quickly. Then, with my hair still dripping wet, I proceeded to scrub that girl clean. I wish it had been lotion like she thought it was! It took FOREVER to get the paste off of her. I almost pored DAWN into her bath water!
It was quite a feat, and there is probably still paste residue in her hair, but that was all I could do.
After I got her dressed and presentable again, It was my turn. In the box of color ( I have been cheap lately and not going to the salon) there is ingredient#1 and ingredient#2 that when mixed together, react chemically with each other, resulting in the new color of choice. After you rinse, you add the conditioner to your hair that also comes in the box. I had just opened the conditioner and rubbed it in my hair when I realized that what I was stroking through my scalp was in fact the 2nd ingredient. NOT the conditioner. What had been processing in my hair the whole time was the 1st ingredient and the conditioner. I wanted to cry. Nothing happened to my hair of course, because there was no chemical reaction with the ingredients. At least my hair didn't turn blue.
This was another fine day in the Edwards house hold. Stay tuned, I bet there will be more.

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

Tuesday, September 7th was the first day of preschool this year. Maddie is in the 2's class called the Bears with Ms. Rachel and Ms. Krista. They are wonderful! Ms. Rachel says Maddie engages in class, loves to answer questions and sing songs. This day, it was raining really bad, so Maddie got to wear the rain coat she got for her birthday earlier in the year. I'm glad it still fits!

Maddie with Mr. Bears and her Hello-kitty back pack.

Ms. krista and Ms. Rachel

Monday, September 6, 2010

Disaster Documented

This Labor day weekend has been nothing but relaxing. We went to the pool and I went with Brian and Maddie to the park and took pictures.

Today, I went out shopping with my mom, grandma, aunt and sister. I got Maddie some SUPER cute new clothes to wear to preschool (which starts tomorrow!) I left her home with Brian while she was napping. I was going to take her with us, but, she started throwing a fit at lunch, so...I just put her down instead. We are still putting Maddie in the pack-n-play to nap (so she will STAY and actually nap) but, we moved the pack-n-play into her bedroom. After her nap, Brian found this:

She completely emptied the contents of her chest of drawers. Needless to say, we
WILL be moving the pack-n-play.

Brian went to change her diaper after her nap and found two head bands she used to wear when she was an infant, the kind you put flowers on or other cute things, anyways... she had snatched them from her dresser and put them around her waist!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Day of Summer Swimming

Today Brian and I decided to take Maddie swimming for the last time this summer. We know the summer isn't quite over yet, but the temperatures aren't in the 3 digits anymore, and it will only get cooler (hopefully, because honestly, I HATE the heat. ) So, we figured we wouldn't have the opportunity to go again so we went today. The water was SO COLD! I couldn't believe it. I was only able to put my feet in. Brian was a trooper and got in the water all the way so Maddie could "swim." She did not have a problem with the water at all. She could have been out there all day long. Here are some pictures to prove it. Of course the only proof that I was there at all, was because pictures were taken, but thats ok because I did get some good ones!

When I was gone one day, brian bought her a swim baby. She came with a towel and little ocean animals. Its pretty cute.

My shadow.

She wanted to practice her jumps. although her feet never left the concrete. She would just fall in.
I asked Brian to lift her up for a cool motion shot.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What does Maddie do while she's napping?

I am writing this mainly so I can remember it later, Brian didn't take any pictures, his "I have to clean the mess up NOW" fixation got the better of him before a shot could have been taken. But oh, well, at least I have a story.

Last Saturday I put Maddie down for a nap in her big girl bed. We have been using the Pack-n-play for nap time because she NEVER naps in her regular bed. She ALWAYS gets up and plays. It has also been to hot upstairs for her to nap in her room, so we have been taking the pack-n-play down stairs for her to nap. Well...saturday was much cooler then it has been, and her room had an appropriate napping temperature. So, I put her down in her bed, give her hugs and kisses etc... then left to get a pedicure with my mom and sister.

We were just done with the pedicure, when I get a text from Brian saying "Im not even going to tell you what Maddie did, you have to come see it!" What do you mean what Maddie did? She was supposed to be ASLEEP! but NO! That didn't happen.

BUT what DID happen was this: She has (had, Brian moved it) a canopy over her bed full of stuffed animals and when Brian walked in to check on her, the canopy had fallen (she pulled on it) and she was sitting in her bed surrounded by stuffed animals. Every piece of clothing she owned was pulled out of her dresser and onto the floor, and it is 4 days later, and I am still finding the rubber bands for her hair scattered around. She had gotten into the the little zip-lock they were in and did who knows what with them.

This week has been SO crazy! For some reason our monitor isn't working, its getting interference from something else, so all hear is static, and its a new one too. The last one did the same thing. So, with the monitor not working, I cant tell when she wakes up. So, she figured out how to open her bedroom door walk across the loft, open my door and wake me up wanting breakfast. If only she could change her own diaper and make her own breakfast, I could sleep in a little longer. I shouldn't complain though, because she does sleep till 8:00-8:30.

Im hoping that we will be in a new preschool routine soon this craziness will stop.

The End.