Thursday, December 13, 2012

Canton Tree Farm

About 3 weeks ago, the weekend right after Thanksgiving, we loaded up the car and headed to Canton. Unfortunately it was not for trade days because I'm dying to go, but this was a fun reason also. We decided that this year we wanted to go pick out our tree from a tree farm and cut one down ourselves.
We Googled the nearest tree farm place and decided it was close enough for a nice drive and headed down.
When we got there I was pleasantly surprised by this place. There was a large area of trees to choose from. Cut and uncut. There was a Santa for pictures and little rides the kids could ride. Even a small roller coaster, ferris wheel and a corn maze. All the rides looked like they were there for years and years because they were the metal kind. I thought that was neat.
We walked around to find the perfect tree to cut down, but it turned out that the trees that we liked better were the ones that were already cut, so my mom pretend to cut down the tree for Maddie to see what that was all about.
Reese hung out with me and slept the entire time. She'll enjoy it more in a couple of years. After the rides, Maddie saw Santa. She was nervous and didn't want to go up to him, but she warmed up to him quickly after he started talking to her.
It was a really fun day and I hope we get to go back. Apparently they have a pumpkin patch also so that would be fun too.

It was a bright day. (I'm thinking about just using this for our Christmas card this year) 

Maddie took advantage of the vacated seating. She hasn't been in that stroller in a LONG time. 

One of the rides
Looking for the perfect one!

Some nice employees took our tree to the front to get wrapped. 

The corn maze. This was actually pretty difficult. We could never find the right way out. We ended up getting turned around and exiting towards towards the entrance. I think Brian would have tried it again, but I was ok with not finishing correctly. But I can see how people get trapped in corn fields especially when it's green and full. 

I felt bad for Maddie here. She was SO excited to go down this slide, but I think it was too tall and fast because she was crying when she came down. She later decided to try it again, which I was surprised, but she cried again. Maybe next year :(

Over all, we had a great time! I'm glad we went and had that experience!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reese - 2 Months

Little Reese is TWO months old! (on the 4th)

Actually, its a little past. But only by a few days.
Reese is doing great. We went to her check-up on Wednesday the 5th and she is 12.12 in weight which is 90%. 22.5 in height 50% and 15.25 head 50%. So....She's short and fat.
She is doing much better with colic and reflux, although I know when she's got a bubble because the screaming is non stop.

She still likes to be held at all times and she used to just cat-nap through the day. However, on Thursday I started letting her nap on her belly and WOW! What a change! So far, shes been taking great naps. She definitely likes sleeping on her tummy so much more. I keep her on her back at night, but for naps, this is how we will roll.

At her Dr.'s appointment, she got 3 shots and that was so torturous. She screamed and cried, but it passed quickly.
She also laughed at me for the first time that day. I know its a little early for her to be laughing but she did! (She laughed and played again with me this morning!). When she laughed the first time, she was kind-of bouncing on my legs while leaning on my chest as we were waiting on the Dr. to come into the room. SO I held her up a bit and helped her bounce a little better and she just looked at me and gave me the biggest grin then let out a few chuckles. Her tummy probably fluttered I'm guessing. She is definitely starting to interact more with people and her toys. It doesn't last very long but its a start!

I have also noticed that she likes being at home. She likes her bed and her smells. She also doesn't go to other people very easily. She loves baths and loves her fingers. She has no problem sticking her whole fist in her mouth. One time she was trying to suck her thumb but every time she stuck it in her mouth she gauged. I watched her do this about 3 times and it was kind of funny. She wears size 2 diapers and 3 month outfits, but the 3-6 months work also. She likes to snuggle and burrow her head in my arm while she sleeps.

I have also been giving her some apple juice. She's starting to have some issues down under. I thought she might have a problem with the new taste, but her eyes opened up SO wide and gulped it all down. I don't think we will have any feeding issues with this one.

Maddie still LOVES her new baby sister and is so proud to show her off to anyone and everyone and is a big help when I need something.

We love you Reese!