Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brian's Birthday and Preschool Christmas Party

Brian celebrated his birthday on December 5th. Big 28! First we went to lunch with his parents and sister, then later on, we had Pizza and birthday cake for dinner.

A couple of Sunday's ago, Brian and I left Maddie with his parents and we went out shopping for Maddie's Christmas presents. We hit up Toys R Us and went WAY over budget, but we got some real cute toys for her. She has entered a new toy phase, so earlier in the week I picked up all the toys that were broken or missing pieces and threw them away. Then, I gathered up all the toys that she has out-grown and put them away. (All during the night while she was asleep of course. I don't think she has noticed anything is missing)

While we were at Toys R Us, Brian stumbled upon a train set that he would have loved to have. He has actually talked about wanting a remote control train set, and here, he found one. A Christmas one to be exact. We both looked at it and thought how cute it would look around the Christmas tree. We looked at each other, then back at the train for a few minutes, wondering if we should just buy it. And buy it we did. I didn't really hesitate because he just had a birthday, and he had just found out that he passed his CPA exams. Its official. Brian is now a CPA! It has been something he has been working on forever! We are both very glad he is done!

After Maddie had her bath, we surprised her with the train and she helped Brian put it together.

Lastly, today was the last day of preschool for this semester and we finished it off well with a class Christmas party. They had a craft, book exchange and they got to ice sugar cookies.

Maddie and her friend Rylie

Rylie was inspecting Maddie's art work.

Book Exchange
Spreading icing on sugar cookies.
Obviously pleased with her work!
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tree Lighting

(Maddie after I picked her up from preschool one day)

Wow, have I been busy these past couple of weeks! And the thing is, I can't really pin point why exactly Ive been so busy, all I know is that I have not have time to sit to blog, watch my shows, or do anything relaxing. I feel like I've done nothing but run around these past few days. I think it's that I have had a hard time getting back into the groove after the Thanksgiving holidays, Brian got sick on his birthday, my best friend had a baby...just so much going on this time of year!

First, here are some pictures my parents took of Maddie decorating the Christmas tree. Brian and I had left on our early anniversary get away the night we were decorating, so it was up to my parents to document the event.

Last weekend Brian, Maddie and I went down town Plano to watch their tree lighting ceremony. Brian's dad plays in the Plano Community Orchestra and they were all set up playing under the gazebo. The whole thing was really nice. The weather was great and the lights were fun. Maddie, on the other hand, was not playing along.

Brian and Maddie in front of the tree. And Let me just sat that ALL NIGHT LONG when she took a picture with him, this is what we got:

But a picture taken with me, this is what I get:

Here we are waiting for the tree to light up.

She was exhausted. And it wasn't even 7:00 pm yet.

I was trying really hard to capture her expression as she gasped in excitement the moment the tree lit up. And this is what we ended up with. Her emotions were a little anti-climactic.

The Plano Orchestra was playing in the gazebo behind Brian and Maddie.

On our way back to the car we stopped at this bridge were Brian proposed to me 7yrs ago. I think it was our first time back since then.

And, this is the cake I made for Brian for his birthday. I had just added the filling, but the Chocolate Gnash Kahlua icing was hardening, so I couldn't add it yet. But, let me just say, that it was delicious!

A birthday post will come up shortly.