Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reese 14 mo. and Thanksmas

I totally forgot to write a 14 month post for Reese!
There haven't been just a whole lot of changes since last month. She still eats just about everything, and she wears the same size diapers and clothes.
The biggest change this month is that she has become more confident in her cruising abilities and she also has become aware of her ability to stand without being supported. We have started practicing with her walking back and fourth between Brian and I and she will take one step before diving head first towards us.  We have some work to do!

This past month I have been busy with photo shoots for Christmas cards and getting started in Christmas decorating and shopping. This year we did our family Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Dubbed as "Thanksmas." This was the year that Ashlee and Michael will be in California and Corey and Rachel will be in San Antonio for Christmas. We will be here as always, but will be having Christmas with Brian's family. The only time we would all be together was at Thanksgiving break, it was only logical we had our Christmas at that time.

We had a great Thanksgiving break. Maddie was out of school for a week and I was very happy to have her home. We had a fun time together playing, shopping and getting ready for Thanksmas.

Before our family got together for Thanksmas, we celebrated Brian's 30th birthday! His birthday wasn't for a few days, but he wanted to celebrate while everyone was in town. His restaurant of choice was Club Schmitz in Dallas. Its actually a pretty well known hamburger bar despite its "appealing" curb appeal. Apparently some famous people have frequented this bar back in the day. So after the girls shopped in Allen all day we drove to meet the boys at the bar after their ALL DAY round of golf. I'm glad he got the opportunity to do something fun like that, especially on his "birthday".
The little girls fell asleep on our way to Dallas after shopping all day. Ashlee was on head reast duty.

Club Schmitz. It's a classy place.

This establishment actually has a special place in mine and my families heart. I have been a patron of this place since I was little when my family was home on furlough. My grandpa used to live on Lover's Lane in Dallas where my dad grew up which is quite close to where this bar is. My grandpa knows the owner and his family and everyone knows who my grandpa is and what he will be eating and drinking when he comes in. When I was little he used to go every Saturday. Since he's been retired he goes on different days during the week to meet his other old retired friends. They eat, drink and play pool. They also have a shuffle board which Maddie tries to perfect her skills when she goes.

The next day we had our Thanksmas celebration. It was fun preparing the food and getting everything ready in my house. Having little kids, its so much easier to host. Plus, my parents house is undergoing a huge remodel so their house was quite out of the question anyways.  

My parents (mom) wanted an impromptu photoshoot.  

 Classy Reese.

 Maddie was excited about The Grinch.
That wraps up November.  Merry Christmas!