Saturday, March 26, 2011

My birthday

So my surgery had been on a Wednesday morning, and the following Monday and Tuesday, were mine and my mom's birthdays, so we got the family over to celebrate on Saturday evening. I was sure I would be feeling better by then, so we made plans to go to Brio. I LOVE that place. Their Field Greens Salad is wonderful for a main course.

It was pretty much just immediate family that was going, (including my grandpa, my dad's dad) something we have done for years now. Except for this year, we got to include my brother's girlfriend Rachel (she was there last year too) and this time for the first time, Michael, my sister's new boyfriend.

Ashlee had been texting me that day asking me were we where going to eat, and wanting to know why we weren't going to this nice Brazilian stake-house restaurant (Mastergrill, not AS pricey as Fogo de Shao, or Texas de Brazil, but comparable) we had gone to the year before. I told her, there were a lot of people coming, I knew who would be picking up the tab, and I didn't want anyone to feel obligated to have to pay for something like that, plus, I really like Brio's, and that's what my mom and I had decided on.

So, later that day, we all pile in the cars. Brian and I were in the car that was leaving first, together with Ashlee and Michael, (and Maddie of course) and my dad pops his head in the window and says we are going to Mastergrill right? My sister says "yes", I say "what?" and then confusion set in. Apparently my sister had told my dad to take us to Mastergrill, and that that's what we wanted for our birthday dinner. Then, my dad realized it had been Ashlee's sneaky plan all along and told me to pick. Brio, or Mastergrill, and that as far as price goes, they were about the same (NOT!) which told me, he would take any excuse to go to Mastergrill. I said, "If I'm gonna pick, I'd pick Brazilian food any day of the week." So my dad said ok. Lets go to Mastergrill. So Mastergrill, we went. I had been savoring that salad from Brio all day, but I wasn't about to complain about the change of plans.

Dinner was wonderful, however, my face and ear were still pretty swollen, and the pressure in my inner ear was TREMENDOUS. So, I was not feeling well, and since I couldn't hear much of the conversations going on, I was quite frustrated.

When we got home, Brian had pulled out the cake he bought from LaMadeline's and it was SO rich and wonderful, and had some kind of liquor in it, which, makes any cake delicious! We ate some more and opened some cards and presents. Other then my inner ear issues, it was a great time!
On Monday, my actual birthday, Btian had made reservations at The Melting Pot, which we had gone to on our anniversary this year. It is FABULOUS! Our plan was to go and just have the cheese and chocolate fondue, and even though we weren't going to get the full 4 course meal, we were super excited about it.

So, we told our waitress our plan and while she was gone, Brian looked at me and asked if I just want to go ahead and have diner too? They were having a "big night out" special (the same one they were having on our anniversary in December) I thought about it, since its unexpected, and I always need a little time to think through something if we have a change of plans, then I said "SURE! its my birthday, and its not like we come here every day!" So, we had the full dinner and it was simply amazing. We love that place! Plus, we were both starving since we hadn't had much for lunch that day. It was kind of like going to the grocery store when your hungry.

I had a great time, both times, celebrating my birthday, #27.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


YES! The day finally arrived!
I was actually looking foward to the surgery. I felt like I had been waiting SO long (actually only about a couple of weeks) for this to happen and couldnt believe that the day was finally arriving.

The surgery "Endolymphatic Sack Decompression" was set for 7:00 a.m, and I had to be at the surgery center at 5:00 a.m., so Brian and I set our alarms for 4:00 a.m. to leave the house by 4:30. There was not much I had to do to get ready. I had picked some comfy clothes and put my hair in a pony tail and we were set to go. I was kind of excited. Like an adventure or something. Its not like we do this every day. I also had Maddie taken care of. My mom would take her to ASI gymnastics at 9:00, then take her to the play place at 24 hr fitness, then to target etc... My mom had her day all planned out, Maddie wouldnt even know we were gone.

We get to the surgery center, which was fabulous, only a couple years old. It still smelled like new. We got checked-in, filled out paper work and answered several questions and signed a bunch of "if something happens to you, you will not sue us" papers. They gave Brian a pager, then we waited in the lobby until it was my turn.

When they called my name I went back into the back to get un-dressed and had to wear a hospital gown, that of course was open in the back and was embarrassing when I had walk across the hall to use the restroom. It was super awquard trying to hold it together in the back, but whatev.

The nurses I had were hillarious, probably because I was so delirious from only having 5hrs of sleep the night before, but never the less, entertaining, while being hooked up to several monitors and being asked many many more health questions. After that, Brian came into my little room and waited in there with me for a while. We met the actual nurse that would be in surgery with me, the anesthegiologist, and then my Dr. came in to say hi and marked an X on my right ear with a purple sharpie. We never want to be too careful on which apendige would be operated on.

After that, Brian went back into the lobby and the anesthegiologist gave me a little "pre anesthesia" that imediatelly made me feel like all my muscles went on strike. I seriously could barelly move my arms. They weeled me into the operating room and made me move from the "prep bed" I was in, onto the operating bed. How in the world was I suppoed to do that when I couldn't move a toe AND keep the back to gown from flying open and exposing myself to all the MALE nurses helping me? I dont know. But somehow we managed and I kept my dignity. My Dr. was somewhere beside me getting all his tools and lights together, and I wanted to watch him to see what he was doing, but the anesthegiologist, made me breath 10 deeps breaths into an oxigen mask looking thing, then all of a sudden, I was out. I didnt expect to be gone so quickly, I wanted at least to say something to my Dr. and see what he was about to do but, I guess he would not be able to do his job very effectivly if I was concious.

Next thing I know, I'm waking up, and it took a while to actually open my eyes. I noticed I had leg massagers on my legs, and my throat was sore and scratchy. I also noticed I had on an ear guard and what Brian said looked like what wrestlers wear to protect their ears, but mine was only on the right side. I also noticed it was already 10:00 a.m. The nurse with me when I woke up, said the surgery had lasted an hour, so I had been waiting to wake up for a couple of hours. Brian was also in the room when I woke up, but we had to wait a little bit more before I could be discharged. I had to pee. Aparently the bladder is the last of the organs to wake up and I needed to make sure I could use the restroom before going home. So, they gave me another IV, and I napped for about another hour until the urge finally came and I could use the potty.

I was actually kind of scared that I would not be able to go, since I had to stay a whole extra day in the hospital after Maddie was born because my bladder wouldnt work after the anesthesia. However, on this day, we were succesful, and actually quite proud. The nurse went over discharge papers, perscriptions to pick up at the pharmacy and what I could/could not do for a few weeks and we were off and home my 12:00.

When we got home I had a bowl of cereal, because I hadnt been able to eat anything since the day before and went to bed for a nap. That first night was aweful. The anesthesia had completelly worn off by then, and I was in VERY much pain. I had to keep the ear guard on until the next day and I didnt notice on the perscription bottle that I could have taken 2 pills instead of just one. A mistake I did NOT repeat the next night.

The days and nights after that have slowly been getting better. I actually thought I would be up an running a couple of days later, (that's how I was with my c-section) but this has been a hard recovery. I am still sore and a little swollen on the outside, but, the inside pressure in my ear is still very intense and I am just praying that its still swollen from the surgery and the fact that it had been swollen for a long time (before surgery) that it is just taking its time to heal. It will be a week tomorrow since the surgery and it feels like its been a month already. I still cant sleep on my right side, so now, my left side is starting to hurt (but im trying to not complain too much). I still feel week, and Im trying not to do to much. I'll be going back to preschool on thursday, so I'm praying i'll have enough energy and that the swelling on the inside of my ear starts to subsude. I see my Dr. for a follow up next week. I'm praying for good news.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Ballet

After my Debbie-downer post from the other night, I will post something a little more fun.

Last Wednesday, Maddie went in for her 3 Year old well check up. Luckily, there were no shots involved and mainly just height and weight measurements. They tried to do a vision test on her, were she stood at one spot at had to look at letter E shapes on a large purple page across from her. The letter E was the only letter, but they were upside down, right side up, sideways and etc... Maddie stood there holding a black spoon to one of her eyes and thought it was the coolest thing in the entire world. The poor nurse stood at the E's pointing at them, asking Maddie which way they were facing, exhorting a large amount of energy and body weight, trying to get a clear answer, but Maddie just stood there and giggled with a spoon to her eye. I told the nurse, she just didn't understand the concept, and she finally gave up.

After that, the Dr. came in. (we LOVE her!) and game Maddie an over all exam and said she was doing well. And to no surprise to us all, she is 50% in weight, and 25% in height. This poor girl DID not receive the tall jean. My dad's mom is not even 5', and I'm not much more then that. Oh well...we get what we get!

Maddie also likes to ride her tricycle around the house sometimes and there is a little storage compartment in the back where she stores ALL kinds of things. She even totes her babies around with her back there on her way to "Target" to get some yogurt. One day I came home and took my jewelry off on the coffee table and forgot about it. Later that evening Brian just happened to look in her storage compartment and asked me if I was missing some jewelry. I sad "no, I don't think so?" then he proceeded pull out the earrings I had been wearing that day, 2 James Avery Rings, a James Avery necklace AND my wedding bands. We just laughed. I should be more careful were I leave my things from now on. She is TOTALLY into doing everything I do. Every time we go somewhere she has to carry her purse (a cute straw one we got her in the Bahamas with her name on it) It had all sorts of nothingness, but things that are VERY important to her on our trips out of the house. SO cute.

And lastly, yesterday Maddie had Ballet for the first time. It was THE most precious thing I have seen. A friend of mine from ASI Gymnastics told me she was enrolling her daughter in Baby Ballet, a class they offer in the Sachse Sr. Center. Its only about 15 min from my house and only $35 for 6 sessions. I thought it would be a good time to try, so why not? And I'm SO glad I did! She talked about going to Ballet all day, even though she had NO clue what it was, and when we got there, she did so well! I was impressed at how much she followed instructions and tried the moves her teacher was teaching. It was simply precious.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March of 2011

So, to be quite honest, probably more for my memory sake then anyone else's, these past four - five weeks have been like hell. But, let me back up. Maddie's birthday is on the 1st, which will always be something to look forward to, and not to mention my own, a mere 20 days later, which I have ALWAYS told Brian and much to his joy and delight, we get celebrate my birthday MONTH, instead of just the one special day, so I have always enjoyed the month of March. My mom's birthday is the day after, mine so March has become quite a family affair.
However, a few weeks, ago, the 8th of February to be exact, something all to familiar, however, but, to a much larger scale happened. I got dizzy. It was a Tuesday morning, I was at preschool, about to get my day started when a dizzy spell occurred. I have had vertigo pretty much all my life, and its typical for me to have a dizzy spell about once or twice a year, (sometimes more and way more when I was preg.) But it was never to terrible. All I had to do was take some motion sickness meds, take a nap, then I would wake up and feel better.
I had seen an ENT about it about a year ago, he did some testing and said I probably had Meniere's disease, and the permanent swelling/hearing loss I have been having in my right ear would come and go. Ok, so fine then, there was nothing I could do? NOPE. That's what he said. Steroid nose spays worked a little, the swelling/hearing loss was still there, but hey, at least I wasn't getting dizzy, and was able to go on living a normal functioning busy life, with the occasional dizzy spell every once in a while. I could live with that.
However on this dreadful day of February 8th, in the mid preschool morning, I had to leave Maddie at school (fortunetly) and drive home as fast as I could to get the motion sickness meds I had and lay down. Well, this time, that didnt work. To spare anyone from grotesque details, I got so sick, I got dehydrated, Brian had to come home from work and take me to the hospital.
Once there, they got me fixed up, but woe and behold, Wednesday night it happened again and I had to go BACK to the ER on Thursday morning. Nothing was working.
The second time I went to the ER I went to Allen Presby where we knew of an EXCELLENT ENT (Dr. Champion) with an office on the second floor, (who is not even taking new patients, she's so busy) and prayed to GOD HARD that she would be happen to make her rounds and see me for Vertigo. It was truly a God story that she came into my room because ENT's NEVER come down to see ER patients.
She talked to me a little and had her office call me in for an appointment THAT SAME WEEK! AMAZING! She confirmed that I had Meniere's and immediately had her office call another AMAZING audiologist (Dr. Hahn) in Dallas who specializes in Menieres. Who would have thought there was such a thing? I could have had this taken care of an ENTIRE YEAR ago!
I get an appointment with him the next week, and AGAIN he confirms I have Meniere's. He explains to me that for some reason, no one knows, but there is swelling (or pressure) going on in my inner ear. Inside the inner ear there are two sacks of liquids (I cant remember, you can google it if your interested) that should NOT mix. However, when there is pressure, the liquids mix, hence, the permanent hearing loss and dizziness.
I was SO glad I got to see him as early as I did and get some clarification on what is going on. A week later he did a test to see how great of a pressure is in my ear and it was quite significant. (not to mention while in his office I got sick and he was able to see the intensity of my attacks. Informative for him, embarrassing for me.) He was quite concerned about the hearing loss I have already suffered. (I'm more concerned about not getting dizzy anymore)
So, without any other considerations as to what the next step should be, he highly recommended surgery. So, I will be having my only second surgery of my life (If you count a C-Section) on March 16th at 7:00 a.m. to remove a portion of my mastoid? bone. I believe that's what he's removing. By removing the bone around the sacks of fluid, that will allow the pressure to still form, however have room to expand, and not be confined by bone.
At first I was dreading the thought of having to have surgery, but my attacks these past few weeks have been more frequent and more severe. I have not been able to do ANYTHING, since all I can do when it happens, is take LOADS of prescriptions and sleep. Which I know puts a lot of pressure on Brian, and Maddie is always asking "where's mommy" :(
Last Saturday night, I felt AWFUL, I was completely exhausted from all the meds that make you SO drowsy, but I wasn't dizzy, and I wanted to do something fun. So Brian was a sweetheart and took me shopping at the Allen Outlet Mall and then Cheescake Factory for diner.
I have also been medicating on new shoes from DSW (I got a birthday coupon in the mail)
A new bra and panties from VS, that I confiscated coupons addressed to my sister, and a new make-up back from Vera Bradley (which I also got to use a birthday coupon!)
I cannot wait until the 16th, and I am praying I have no more episodes. Yours would be appreciated as well.


Tomorrow I will recount Maddie's 3 year well check-up, where Brian found my jewelry and her first Ballet class! AAWW! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lots and Lots

wow, I have not been doing a good job at keeping up with my blog posts.

In the mean time, since my last post, I guess, Brian and I got a new computer. Let me brag about that for a while. Its an Imac to be exact. and its one I have been wanting FOREVER. Literally, years. I wanted one in college, so I could work on my art projects without having to go up and spend hours and hours in the Mac room. So, now, probably 5 years later, I finally got one. The screen is so big and so nice, we can now also watch movies from our bedroom, streaming them from Netflix or itunes, or a DVD, from the confynness of our bed, and it is simply heavenly. If I had one of these when I was pregnant with Maddie, I think I would have left a permanent mark in our mattress.

Let me update on some other matters that have been going on. Maddie is currently supposed to be napping, but she is not. I can hear her opening and shutting her bedroom door. But if she comes out, she would be confined to the gated loft area where I know she would play "quietly" doing her "best" not to let me know she's out of her room. But since I am in my room, and she cant see me, Im hopping she will do her own thing for a while.

Today was a preschool day. A tuesday to be exact and 9 little ones during the day are exhausting. So, I am in desperate NEED of quiet time.

About a month ago, I have been having the pleasure to start watching a sweet sweet "new" (14 week old) baby. She also comes to preschool with us, and she is just a delight. Maddie LOVES being a little "mommy." Every time i'm feeding Brylee, Maddie gets her own baby and a bottle and sits next to me on the sofa and feeds her too. It's quite precious. Maddie received a new baby and baby carrier for her birthday, so now when I put Brylee in her carrier, Maddie does the same to her babies. However, very time consuming for when trying to leave the house (which is not very often). but never the less, quite cute. It has been a good learning experience for me too, since I've been wondering what it would be like having more then one kid, and there ya go, I get a little taste of that right now. Its not as difficult as it seems, and I think once one gets settled into a routine, anything is possible.

On the 1st of this month Maddie had her 3rd Birthday, and we celebrated on Saturday, February
26th. We had it at ASI Gymnastics. I mean, where else really? And it was great! It was our first non-family only, invite friends party, and it was so much fun! She had a blast. The party coordinators did everything, from jumping, games, sponge block pit, setting up, cutting the cake....all I had to do was bring the goodies and they did the rest. We had great fun.

And for some reason, I cannot get these photos in order, AND the quality that they appear to be on this blog is quite irritating. But oh well..

She had a princess cake, which I forgot to take photos of it by itself. bummer.

The Tuesday after that, was her actual birthday, so I took cupcakes up to school and celebrated her birthday with a class party. They sang the birthday song and blessing to her in chapel and Daddy came to have lunch and brought us Chick-fil-a, which was much better then the left-overs I was planning on eating.

And for all accounts, I was there that day, but for some reason, I managed to walk out of my house, with 2 babies, (kids) 10000 bags, goodies for her party at school, and as soon as sat my stuff down in my classroom, I realized I forgot to put my make-up on. Not even mascara. How embarrassing is that? I have been having SO many of these mommy moments lately. Next time, I'll be going to school in my pj's.