Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reese-15 months

We just got back from Reese's 15 month appointment. She is 24lb's -75% and is 31 1/4" in length -75%.

Reese has definitely begun throwing tantrums. I know I've mentioned that she had been showing signs of that in the past, but now its the real deal. I'm hopping that as her vocabulary develops, her attitude will change. She is still a very sweet baby and loves to cuddle, but when shes not happy about something....watch out.

Reese understands simple commands like "no", "sit down", "be gentile" (we had to teach that early due to hitting people when shes mad), "come here", "give hugs and kisses" and others.  She also knows words like "eat", "night night", "snacks", "buy buy" and several others.

Reese loves to sit and "read" books and play with her toys. Shes also very attached to her lovie, a little giraffe. I asked Brian's mom to find me another one so I can have a spare while one is being washed.

The big milestone Reese has reached this past month is walking. She is now walking all over the house. Its funny when kids learn how to walk they are very aimless about it. But its easy to see how proud she is in her new accomplishment.

We love watching you grow sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas and Happy New Year!

I almost cant believe I'm able to sit down to do this and its NOT a post about Reese's monthly progress. But don't worry, her appointment is next week, so you wont have to wait to long. :)

Christmas this year was good. It was definitely different then in the past, since this was the first year my brother and sister where not with us. On Christmas Eve, we went out to eat with my parents and grand-pa, then on the way home Brian, the girls and I drove around Willow Bend to look at the lights. We met my parents back at my house (after they dropped off my grand-pa back at his house) and we opened presents. We don't normally open presents on Christmas eve, but my parents had gifts for the girls and we wouldn't be together the next day, so we just decided to open gifts that night and see what Santa brought the next morning.

Maddie slept in our room on Christmas Eve because I didn't want her waking up and seeing what Santa brought without catching it on camera.

In the morning we all got up probably about 7:30 or so, and Maddie could hardly wait to see what Santa brought. We had a leisurely morning with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then getting ready for Brian's parents to come over for dinner.

We had dinner with Brian's parents, opened gifts with them and just hung out and played some new games Maddie got earlier. 

New years eve, we where going to have friends over, but I had to be a terrible friend and un-invite them because Reese was sick with a really bad cold, that and a combination that I haven't slept in a couple months due to her molars coming in, I woke up new years eve morning and just wanted to cry from exhaustion. So instead, my parents came over with some food and they played games with Maddie and we watched the count-down on TV. The life of a family with small (sick) children. I was in bed before 12:00 but that's ok. Its just a faze of life and even as lame as it sounds, I do like hanging out at home just spending time with my kids and family.

These pictures are kind of out of order. And also mostly taken with someone's iphone, so don't judge my photography skills by these photos.

Christmas morning, Maddie and Brian playing a new game.

Maddie showing off her gifts from Santa. Including an A.G. doll. Marie Grace.

And also a playground for the back-yard.

Reese snuck a bite of left-over cookie crumb that had been left for Santa.

Christmas Eve dinner. 

Christmas Eve.

Reese and her new Princess Cinderella dress from Mrs.Karen. 

Goodies Santa left.

Maddie got a Rapunzell dress from Mrs.Karen.

 We also celebrated our 8th Anniversary (a little late due to the ice storm) at the Melting Pot in Addison. A fun tradition. We had also gone to the Nordtrom Spa at Northpark Mall. Heavenly!

Maddie won at Shoots n Ladders NYE.

Work in progress. A lot more work then Brian anticipated. He has done a great job. My dad has come over some to help, but for the most part, hes been working on it all by himself. Maddie LOVES her new swing set. I look forward to being able to watch the girls play back there. (while I lay in the shade reading a book :) )