Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Party

Saturday, March 3rd, was Maddie's birthday party. It was held at Bounce U in Plano. It was a huge place with all kinds of indoor bounce-houses and slides for kids and adults to bounce. She had been talking to us for about 6 months before her birthday that she wanted a bounce house, so naturally, we had to make it happen.

The kids had a great time, we could tell by the red in their faces and little beads of sweat that dripped down their foreheads.

Maddie wanted the "theme" to be Hello Kitty, so I made a chocolate Hello Kitty cake and we had plates and napkins to match. Since it was lunch time during the party, we gave everyone pizza before cake.

As far as gifts, she got lots of fun things. She got several dress-up bags that included fancy shoes, lip glosses and nail polish. Brian's mom got her a beautiful Cinderella dress, crown and shoes from the Disney store. Mine and Brian's big gift for her was the Rapunzel tower and I asked my mom to get the Rapunzel barbie doll and Flynn Ryder. She was ecstatic when she opened the box. She got lots of other fun things, that we are now re-arranging her room and play-room. We put away all the fisher-price houses and barns and made room for bigger barbie and dress-up type toys. Oh, I cant believe I have a 4 Year Old!

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maddie Is 4!

I cannot believe I have a 4-year old already. Maddie turned four last Thursday on the 1st of March. I haven't been able to get to the computer all week since I haven't been feeling well.

Her birthday "celebration" started the weekend before when Brian's mom took her to a shop down town Plano called Nooks & Kranies to pick out a new baby doll. This was the cutest thing I have ever seen. When you walk into the store to the left is a mock hospital nursery with life size newborns in little hospital-like newborn beds. First the store owner came up with a questionnaire for Maddie about how she's going to love this new baby, and take care of her etc... then the lady went into the nursery and waited for Maddie to pick out the doll she would like to see. Maddie wanted to see about 4 different babies before she picked a blond one from the back. The baby came with a paci, a tiny little new testament bible and a new parent packet.

On Thursday, her birthday, Brian and I took donuts to her preschool class and sang happy birthday to her. Then, for diner, she chose to go to Panera Bread. We taught her well! ha. I thought it would have been Chick-fil-a, but Panera Bread has yogurt in their kids meals. (She has yogurt for breakfast everyday, but....what ever she wants!)

Singing in Chapel

They gave her the birthday blessing, then sang Happy Birthday in Chapel.

After Panera Bread, we came home to some delicious cup cakes I bought from a bakery down the street.

The next Saturday we had a big party with her friends from preschool that will be in the next post. For now, I have a 4-year-old wanting attention.