Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday at the Ft. Worth Zoo

I cannot believe I'm still writing a bout Easter weekend. We had so much going on that weekend, and so many photos to edit and then to post, I just haven't had the time. 

It has been ages since we have been wanting to take Maddie to the Ft. Worth Zoo. Maddie and I went to the Dallas Zoo last year, but apparently the Ft. Worth Zoo is WAY better.

Brian had to use up all his vacation by April because it starts back up next month, so he took a long weekend during Easter. His last day off was Monday after Easter, so we chose that day to make the trek to Ft. Worth.

We got to Ft. Worth just in time for a quick stop for lunch then went into the zoo. Ashlee met up with us after her afternoon class had finished then, we went to her and Rachel's (Ashlee's roommate and Corey's fiance.) apartment to chill for a little bit, then we all went to Joe-T Garcia's for diner. We had a fun day and Maddie was snoring in her car-seat the second we started the drive home.

Over all, here are my feelings about the two zoo's. I loved the Ft. Worth Zoo. The area is very pretty and they had so many different animals and exhibits the Dallas Zoo does not have. However, the Dallas Zoo had a better area for kids. In Dallas, Maddie was able to ride a camel and a pony and they had a small water area for hot little bodies to play in and cool off. I have never been so thankful to see a water play area in my life. We were SO hot when we went that day last summer, Maddie's clothes were soaking, but by the time we reached the car, she was completely dry. So, in conclusion, if you want to see a large variety of animals and walk under cool shady trees, definitely pick the Ft. Worth Zoo. If you just want to see some animals but you also want your kid to do some fun things too, pick the Dallas Zoo. We might have missed some things in Ft. Worth since we went a little "out of season". They had a western town to walk through, but the doors were all closed so we didn't get to see that. I still prefer the water play area when its hot though.

 We took the wagon thinking it would just be for our bags. Surprisingly Maddie wanted to ride in it the whole time. 

 Brian made friends with a squirrel while Maddie and I were in the bathroom. He loved the animal crackers Brian was feeding him. 

Elephants are my favorite. 

I think he really thinks he's king of the jungle. 

Brian took Maddie into a giant walk-in bird cage. It was cool, but I didn't want to get pooped on. Plus, someone had to stay with the wagon. Birds aren't my thing.

Although, I do love these birds. 

"Kanga and Roo" 

Our only family photo of the trip. I forgot I had on a dress when I sat down. Good thing Maddie was in front of me, or everyone would be getting a show. 

We finished the day at the famous Joe-T's. It was delicious.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter was a rainy one. We made Easter sugar cookies for the Easter bunny, then on Sunday morning we saw what the bunny left us. -ha funny story. Brian and I ran to Toys R Us Friday night to pick out a couple of things for her basket. We got her the Trouble game and the Fisher Price Dr. kit. We left the bag in the car thinking we would get it out after Maddie was in bed. Well, we forgot. We were headed out Saturday morning and we reminded ourselves that we still had the gifts in the car. Well, we forgot again. I helped Maddie in the car and shut the door behind her and I heard "WOW! DR. TOYS! LOOK MOMMY AND DADDY!" This immediately became a non-verbal team effort. Brian jumped out of the front seat as I opened her door. She was to excited about what she was seeing to be seated so I called her towards me and I couldn't think of anything else to say except "oh wow, Maddie you are getting SO big!" I picked her up just long enough for Brian to grab the bag of things from the other side and run it to the house. She probably thought I was going crazy. I sat her back down in her car seat and told her to buckle up. After that, there was no more talk of the aforementioned bag of goodies and Brian and I were out of the woods. For Sunday morning, we took everything out of the box it came in and sat it in the basket, so I don't think she caught on. Or maybe she did, shes just smart enough not to say anything.
Here are a few pictures of the day. I actually didn't take many pictures this year because I FINALLY, after having my camera for almost a year, figured out how to use the video feature. I'm still not great at it, but it takes AWESOME videos in HD. And I find it very convenient since I always have my camera out with me and not the video camera.

The super cute cookie decorating kit that Michael's mom sent Maddie.

She had to hunt for the eggs indoors this year because of the huge storm going on in Ft. Worth.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Corey and Rachel's Engagement Photos

This last weekend I did my brother Corey and his new fiance Rachel's engagement photos. We drove around Plano and finished up in Parker. We had a lot of fun with this shoot, they are both a very creative couple. I love how this shoot came out and I hope I get to do more like it. Here are some from the day. For more go to www.taraedwardsphoto.squarespace.com

Dinsey on Ice

I'm a few weeks behind. Before my previous post of the lake, Brian, Maddie and I went to the Disney on Ice Princess Escapades. (I think that's what it was called) We went with some friends that Maddie and I had made about a year ago in Gymnastics. The girls are still in gymnastics together and its fun to be able to see each other during other times of the week. I took my mom's camera with me because mine wasn't allowed in. But we still got some great pictures. They did 3 princess stories. First was Princess Tiana, then Cinderella and lastly Rapunzell. At the very end ALL of the princesses and their princes skated out and danced a little bit. I think that was my favorite part.

Maddie and Brian before we got in
We had great seats!

Maddie and Kayson

Cinderella's Carriage
Cinderella's Castle

Rapunzell's castle
Rapunzell and Flynn Ryder swinging down her hair.

All of the Pricesses and Princes.