Friday, January 11, 2013


Let me talk a little bit why I've been so frustrated lately. My 3month old will NOT sleep. I have tried so many different things. Things that I thought were working, then they don't anymore. Our biggest issue right now is napping. She will not nap no matter how tired she is. I rock/bounce/feed her to sleep, put her in her crib and she sleeps for maybe 45 min. If I'm lucky. Mostly it's only 20-30min. She is back to sleeping on her back, (which I am way more comfortable with) and I swaddle just one arm. That seems to help a little. (For now)

I do feel blessed that Reese sleeps a good 10-11hrs. at night and she's been doing that for about a month now (minus this past growth spurt). However, it's been taking her a good 3hrs. before she's good and asleep. She wants to be rocked and held all the time. I do enjoy doing those things with her, she's such a cuddle bug, but it's exhausting for me and she's not getting all the sleep she needs. Which in turn makes her irritable and cranky and over tired.

When Maddie was about 5months old, we had to go ahead and let her " cry her out" because she was only taking 30 min naps and waking up cranky. Much like what Reese is doing now. So when we decided to let Maddie cry it out, she cried for about 2 minutes for one night and that was it. After that her naps lasted hours and hours. When Maddie was Reese's age, she would still doze off anywhere and everywhere. Reese, will not do that anymore. When she's tired, she wants to be rocked, and when I lay her down, she wakes up. She won't even sleep in her car seat. (which makes for REALLY fun errands. not.) even Maddie plugs her ears and looks annoyed at Reese for the non stop screaming.

I'm just conflicted because I feel like I just need to let her cry it out so she can learn how to sleep on her own, but at 3 months? That is so young. But I feel like she's not leaving me many options, because no naps during the day (unless I'm holding her) plus a 3hr. fight to go to bed at night, is wearing me out. And I feel bad for Maddie because that leaves me with no time for her. I have also been trying to get on a eat/play/sleep schedule, but it's difficult to do that when I have sister's schedule to keep in mind also.

I have a couple more things i will try before I try crying it out (I know she will scream till she's blue in the face) I will keep you posted on our sleep dilemma.

Update: there have been a few things going on since I wrote this a couple of days ago.

I don't remember a week as stressful as this one so far.
Yesterday = more screaming no sleeping and a speeding ticket.
Last night = Reese woke up at 2:30 am and was up till 4:00. As soon as I was about to get back in bed, Maddie comes in my room asking for more water, then a klinex for her nose, then some medicine for her cold. After that she asked me to lay in bed with  her. Sleep sounded good anywhere so obliged. That probably wasn't the best idea since she was fidgety and didn't sleep and neither did I. I finally got back into my bed around 5:00. Reese woke back up around 6:45 and was upset so I brought her to bed with me. Maddie came in my room and woke me up about 8:00, then again at 8:30 then again at 9:00. I then had to get up to go to a meeting at the Kindergarten that I want Maddie to go to at 10:00.

Brian stayed home today so I wouldn't cause injury to myself or others and we took Reese to the pediatrician. Reese weighs a whopping 15.6 lb's and she got a prescription for her reflux to see if that helps her sleep. Pedi said her sleep struggle is probably a combination of that and her personality. Also when they go through growth spurts sometimes they regress. Pedi also said I will probably still have to let her cry in a couple of weeks to learn how to sleep on her own. Can't wait....

Friday, January 4, 2013

Reese-3 months

Today Reeses pieces is 3 months old!
Not a lot has changed since last month, especially since I don't know any of her stats because she won't go back for her well check-up until next month. But so far, I know she's much heavier then last month.
She has also been sleeping solely on her tummy. I have tried and tried to put her on her back and swaddle to no avail. She absolutely hates it. She has a hard time sleeping when she's not at home. She likes to have her head covered and be rocked. A lot of times I have to rub her forehead to get her to calm down and relax.
Reese is very social. When she's in a good mood she's very interactive. Like I posted last time, she's been laughing since last month. I think that's why it takes her so long to calm down, then she gets overstimulated and over tired quickly, which keeps her from sleeping at all.
I think once we get on a schedule, things will be even better. We are both still learning and although we still have difficult times with gas and some reflux, we are making progress.
She still really only likes me. Even Brian has a hard time calming her down sometimes. This winds up being very demanding on me since I feel like I can't leave her with anyone unless they don't mind screaming.
 She is officially in size 3 diapers and can still wear size 3month shirts, but her pants need to be 3-6. Sister friend has a big belly! 
Reese is a sweet girl and very loved. I look forward to the girls becoming good friends!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

First let me start off with our anniversary. We had to celebrate a few days early because Brian was going out of town for work on our anniversary. Naturally, we went to the Melting Pot (we really love that place). And....that's it. We went to diner and came home. I was nervous about leaving my fussy 2.5 month old but it turned out she was asleep the entire time. We had a fun night out without kids for the first time in two months and that was a treat in of itself. 

Now Christmas....

We had a great Christmas this year. This was the first year all of us were together as married couples. Corey and Rachel and Ashlee and Michael. On Christmas Eve, we made fondue again and it was heavenly. We also played a murder mystery game which was fun. I didn't get to play because I organized it. In the future, we will think ahead a little better so we can order a game were not even the organizer knows the outcome. But it was fun non the less.

Christmas Day was fun. I really didn't know how late Maddie would sleep since she was excited, but she actually slept in a little. I think it's because she went to bed so late. 

Santa was really good to Maddie this year. He brought her a trampoline (an indoor one) a Cinderella carriage that also turns into a pumpkin, the Ferry Godmother doll and Prince Charming doll. (She already has Cinderella). Maddie also got lots of other goodies like books, Barbie toys, and lots of other things. Shopping for Maddie was easy and kind of hard at the same time. I'm finding to be surprised by how relatively cheap toys are so it's hard to make a decision on what to buy and to keep from buying too much stuff. 

Brian got me a very special gift. He went to Jarred! Ha. He got me a silver pandora bracelet with special charms he picked himself. It was very sweet and I love it. He also got me some perfume and a Dillard's gift card to go on my annual girls Dillard's shopping spree on January 1st when the whole store goes on sale. Specifically the shoes. I'm a blessed girl! 

Reese also got a few things like baby toys and clothes. She's ALREADY wearing 3-6 month sizes and is outgrowing size 2 diapers. 

Reese did not do awesome on Christmas Day. She had a hard time napping and was kinda cranky in general. I think it was the overwhelming amount of stimulation since there were a lot of people and noises here. 

Over all we had a great time having family over and I am enjoying Brian's time off as much as he is!


We also celebrated My grandpa's 79th birthday.

Reese wanting to be cuddled yet also wanting to know what all the commotion was all about.