Monday, February 27, 2012

Some BIG news

I guess Maddie's shirt says it all. She will be a big sister in October. October 11th is the due date, but I will have a scheduled C-section on the 8th.

My mom took this picture at my grandparents house when the whole family was around, and this was how we decided to tell our family. We also told our small group this way. I mean, I bought the shirt, I want her to wear it.

We went last Thursday to have to official sonogram and we heard the heart beat. It was very sweet, and since my emotions have been pushed into high gear, I did almost cry when I heard it.

So far, just about everything has been different with this pregnancy then with Maddie's. I am SO tired. I don't remember feeling THIS tired. The other day, I had just gotten out of the shower and started to get dressed when I sat on the bed and just fell asleep. I was asleep for 20 min before Maddie came into my room wondering what I was doing. Good thing shes old enough to entertain herself these days. I just couldn't believe I did that. Who just falls asleep like that? I felt a little narcoleptic.

I also don't remember feeling THIS sick. I know I was sick the first time, I just don't think I was THIS sick. I still haven't had to run to the bathroom, but there were a few times I thought I was going to have to. I remember with Maddie, thinking "How could anyone go through this more then once?" So I know I was sick with her, but with this one, I am sick even at night when I'm trying to sleep. I'm SO over this already.

I am also TOTALLY showing. Others say they cant really tell, but I can. And my pants wont button now either. I have nothing comfortable to wear and since I am nauseous, all I do want to wear are my leggings. I have a small torso, and lets face it, I'm not a tall gall, so with Maddie I stuck out SO far. They say you show faster with your second because everything is already all stretched out. In that case, I am scared to know what I will look like in just a couple of months! I hope I don't look like I'm 7 months when I'm only 4 months.

We also have two weddings this year. Ashlee is getting married July 22nd (which I will be about 6 month preg. at her wedding. ew.) I had to order my BM dress the other day and I was not crazy about the way I will look. My brother is also getting married. His date is October 20th. I'm also in that wedding and I will be 2 weeks post c-section.

We are very excited that Maddie will have a little brother or sister. I think I will be happier about it when I'm not sick anymore because right now its 24/7.

In other news, I saw my ear Dr. the other day and he said my hearing has stabilized and he seems confident that the loss I have will not get any worse. He said I would highly benefit from a hearing aid and I might just do that. They make them now in a way you cant even see them! Its quite impressive how technology has helped things like that. Not just TV's and Ipad's.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Nothing much has been going on in the Edward's house hold. Ive been pretty busy with photography and editing. But pretty much everything else is routine. My ear has been ok. I think if I can keep things the way they are I'll be ok. That's what I usually tell people when they ask how that's going. I've also been pretty busy on my sowing machine. Ive been quite proficient with it lately, I will post a few things I have made in a future post. But I told Brian and my mom that if I got a Monogramming machine for my birthday (hint hint) I will be sowing and monogramming everything in sight! More about that in a future post.

Today is Valentines day and Maddie had her Valentines party at preschool. This year both 3's classes had a combined party in the teen-center. All together I think there are 30 3's. That is such a huge graduating class! (for a church preschool). The kids iced a sugar cookies and of course Maddie had me cut her cookie up because she didn't want to get icing on her fingers.