Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Trunck or Treat

Wow, October has been a very busy month! For the better part of the year I couldn't wait for October to be here, and now, its almost gone!
Every Year I take Maddie to this cute little pumpkin patch at this church down the street for pictures and for her to pick out a pumpkin for school. This year sister came with us and I had them in cute outfits for great sisterly fall photos. What I have realized lately is what was really fun with one kid, is now exhausting with two. Not that its not fun, and I do wish Reese would stay this small forever, but it is very tiring. We got dressed and made it to the pumpkin patch ready for the perfect photo opp, and sweet girl spit up ALL OVER her outfit. Great. I decided to let Maddie pick out a pumpkin and take just a couple of her and maybe just one of the two of them together and call it a day. Maybe we will have better success next year.

On Thursday, I went up to Maddie's preschool to watch her find her decorated pumpkin and take pictures of her with the animals at the petting "zoo".

 sweet friends

I always feel bad for the animals this time of year. These kids can be rough. 

 Sunday night we went to Trunk or Treat. I wanted to make the girl's costumes this year, but I just couldn't make the time. My great idea will have to wait till next year when I'm not so busy having a baby. Maddie has a couple of princes costumes from the Disney store that I told her she could choose from this year. Luckily she was somewhat happy with that. I bought Reese a onesey with a tutu on it that says I love Halloween. Nice and simple.

Brian was Gumby.

Maddie and Olivia

Maddie and Bethany

Maddie and Madeline

Maddie, Hailey and Courtney. I only had about 4 sec. to shoot this picture. I'm impressed 2 out of the 3 are looking. 

I thought this trunk was hysterical. 

 Reese chillin' trying to stay warm because it was SO cold this year.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Corey & Rachel's Wedding Weekend

Last Thursday we piled down our car and headed to Boerne, a small town about 20 min away from San Antonio for Corey and Rachel's wedding.

The trip was great. Reese slept the entire time and Maddie played and watched movies. I think she fell asleep about the last hour of the trip. The hotel we stayed in was called the Ye Kendall Inn. Its a precious hotel made of several different old buildings that have been restored and made into rooms. The building Brian and I stayed in was an old school house. There were several different buildings like old country stores, a chapel and several log cabins. In the lobby there is a picture of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. Apparently they either got married or had their rehearsal there.
The Chappel
 One of the Cabins

The School house

The inside of our room. The bed was HUGE! All 3 of us slept in the bed and Reese was in her bassinet on the floor next to me.  There was also a large bathroom on the left. Some rooms had claw foot tubs and other antiques. Other rooms were said to be haunted and they are actually main attractions for some people.

The town of Boerne is the most precious town I have ever seen. If you ever watched Gilmore Girls and know about the town were they lived in Stars Hollow, well...that is Boerne.

This is the town square right in front of the hotel. I'm sad I didn't get more photos, but my hands were otherwise engaged. 

 Reese in the stroller discovering the town.

The BM's got mani/pedi's on Friday afternoon
We met Ashlee and Michael and his parents for dinner Friday night and I had a coke from Mexico. It was very good. Reminded me of the cokes in Brazil. 
The rehearsal dinner was Friday night at a popular gourmet pizza place called Fralo's. The atmosphere was casual and fun. There was also live singer and he was awesome!

The centerpieces

This cool old fire truck had a beer tap in it. Pretty cool. 


The happy couple

After the rehearsal we went back to the hotel. Brian and I were major party-ers this weekend. NOT. I hated not being more involved and being with the other bridesmaids, but...duty called. Sometime in the middle of the night Maddie started thrashing around in bed and woke up sobbing saying her ear hurt. GREAT. She NEVER gets ear infections, but of course, the night before the wedding, in a town we are not familiar with, she gets sick. She was getting over a cold from the week before, but people were having bad allergy issues and I think she was too. Which caused the ear infection from extra drainage. I gave her some Ibuprofen and she was able to go back to bed. In the morning, she seemed like she felt better so we met up with the rest of the girls for a bridal breakfast in a charming little bakery that Rachel worked in when she was in High School. During breakfast, Maddie didn't want to eat and had a melt down. Ashlee was driving us, so she took us to the closest health clinic that was open on a Saturday. It took us about 20 minutes to get there which seemed like forever because we were supposed to be on our way to the venue for the rehearsal. We walked in and I started filling out the paper-work. After I got it all turned in the guy at the desk tells me they just stopped accepting Blue Cross TWO days ago. ARE.YOU.KIDDING? I seriously thought he was joking. He then gave me a list of other health clinics I could call. I took it and probably gave him the stink eye as I left. I was stressing because my kid was sick and crying, I felt bad because we were missing the rehearsal and I was keeping Ashlee from being there too. We were in a town we weren't familiar with and now they didn't take our insurance. I took the list and headed back to the car. Poor Maddie was confused as to why we weren't going to see the Dr. and I had to tell her they couldn't take our money. I didn't feel like it was time to explain the ins and outs of how insurance works. As I quickly buckled Maddie back in her car seat, she threw up. All in her seat and Ashlee's car. I got her out just as quickly. I let her finish in the grass and turned to walk right back into the clinic that DID NOT take my insurance. We would not be driving anywhere.
I told Ashlee to go on to the rehearsal and I called Brian to come get me and Maddie from the clinic. It turns out she did have a good ear infection. I was thankful that was it and as soon as she started taking the medicine she felt better.

Here she is laying on me at the clinic. We were wearing t-shirts that said To Have and To Hold 10.20.2010

The wedding was beautiful and Rachel was stunning. Everything went off perfectly and Maddie did a great job as a flower girl again. She took her job very seriously and did it well.

Reese's wedding outfit

People watching from the window

The girls kept themselves entertained

Mom and Rach

Ashlee gave a speech.

On Sunday after we checked out of our Hotel we headed to the River Walk to eat at Casa Rio.

It was a great weekend. I am very happy for the newlyweds. :)