Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reese-9 months

Reesey turned 9 months on the 4th this month. This was a crazy day, so I wasn't able to post a cute 4th of July picture of the girls. I had a cute outfit picked out and everything, but in between swim lessons, coming home and getting ready for some friends to come over, then our AC going out, me feeling very hot and tired and on top of it all, I feel like I have strep, but I know its just allergies. By the end of the day, It was all I could do to get the girls in bed early so I could shower, get cooled and lay down. Brian was here too, but he was busy trying to figure out what was wrong with the AC, and I was ok with that. It was either that or we would be going on a stay-cation to a nice cool hotel.

I convinced Brian to call a repair man and they said since it was a holiday, they would have to charge $150 an hr. to come out to see what what wrong. I think the guy took pity on us because he pretty much gave Brian step by step instructions on how to fix the AC over the phone. It turned out to be a blown fuse which Brian was able to buy at Lowe's for a mere $30. God was definitely showing us some mercy on that one. The house was cooled by bed time and all was well with the world again.

As for Reese, there haven't been too many changes since last month except that she's rolling everywhere. Especially at bed time. I had to remove the bumper off her crib because she was pulling up on it and using it as a pillow. Brian also lowered he crib for that very same reason. I think if she spent more time on her tummy she would be crawling by now, but she just really hates it. When shes on the floor playing, she much prefers to be sitting up. I also think that if she was mobile she wouldn't get so frustrated and bored. But then, I would have to baby-proof and with the move and things going everywhere, that would be one more thing to worry about. I have been getting on to Maddie about leaving her small toys out where Reese can get to them in the common play area. I have already caught Reese with things in her mouth that could have definitely been a huge hazard. 

I place Reese on the floor to play on a large blanket, so when she spits up (sometimes she still does that, I think she over-eats) it gets on the blanket and not the rug. It also keeps her from putting carpet fuzz etc... in her mouth as well. However, she has learned that to get to the toys that are out of reach, she can just pull the blanket towards her to get said toys, instead of moving her own body. What a clever little stinker!

Reese has also gone swimming, per my post a few days ago, she loves the water.
Reese has also been eating lots of things including most fruits and veggies, and so far, there isn't anything she cant eat. She also loves Cheerios and is mastering her "pincher" fingers quite well. This is the only non-pureed food I have given her. I am thinking about starting mashed bananas and avocado to see how she transitions out of pureed food.

Reese is wearing size 9 month and 12 month clothes. She CAN wear size 18 months, depending on the brand. She is also in size 4 diapers.
 Reese clearly was not in the best of moods when I took these photos, but I had already waited long enough and had to get them done.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


There has been some progress on our house since the end of April when we signed the contract. We were running a little behind, but the contractor said we could expect to close by the third week of August.

They just finished the sheet rock so hopefully they will be texturing and painting this week. Within the next couple of weeks we hope to see baseboards and moldings go up and also the cabinets. We have also been waiting on the brick and stone to go up, but they are having a hard time finding mason's to do the job. Apparently there are just way to many new houses going up (not just with our company, but all builders) and not enough workers.  Fortunately, we have reached a point where they can work on the inside without having to wait on the outside. We have been taking pictures along the way so I will let the pictures do the talking.


Ready to poor the foundation 


Starting the frame

Outside Sheething


Dinning room/play room

Outside view from inside the dinning room

Inside the dinning room, looking into the kitchen

Living Room/Fireplace

Master bedroom

Master bath

Maddie's room with a bench seat

Finally our windows!

Sheet Rock

I'm standing in the eat-in kitchen area.

In the hallway looking into the living room/door to the garage

Us in the dinning room/play room

Hallway into the other 3 bedrooms

This is what we have so far. I think the updates will be quicker from now on. Hopefully!