Monday, October 26, 2009


It's time for Halloween! 
We had a Trunk or Treat at our church yesterday. We have never done anything like that before and it was pretty cool! If you have never heard about it before, let me explain: It is were each person (or a group of people) get their car and decorate their trunk with games, candy and fall/halloween decorations. The little kids all dressed up in their cute little costumes go around to each car and play games and get candy for their little buckets! It was so cute! Maddie had no idea what was going on. She doesn't even know what candy is, but it was fun watching her put them in her little bucket. This year, Maddie was a Monkey. Brian insisted that she wear a monkey costume we found. I wanted something a little more girly, but the monkey was really cute.  Here are some picks from the day:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Party Time!!

This Saturday Maddie had a birthday party to attend. One of her friends from Preschool was having her 2 birthday party at The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch. It was in Celina and took us about 45 min. to get there. BUT, It was so much fun!! They had hay rides, pumpkin patches, animals to feed, bounce houses and a camp fire! They were grilling hot dogs and there was a place for birthday party's and apparently there is a barn for wedding receptions! That would be cool! The only thing about that day that I would change was the weather! It was rainy and very COLD! Well, it wasn't actually raining while we were there, but the after effects of the non stop rain we have been having were clearly there. It was SO muddy! I got mud ALL over my suede boots!! ( Yes, I should not have worn them, but who knew it was going to be like that! I have never been there before!) and Maddie got mud all over herself as well. I guess thats what kids do huh? Regardless, it was a lot of fun and we would like to go there again (when the weather clears up!!)