Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reese -4months

Reesey is 4 months!

We had our 4 month check up today and she is 90% for weight at 15lb's 14.5oz and 25% for height at 23.5in. She is doing well and everything is on track. Reese got stabbed 4 times today poor thing. In the midst of screaming out in pain, I had to keep thinking its for the greater good. She is in size 3 diapers and wearing 3-6 months clothes.

This past month has not been an easy one as per my last post. However, these past couple of weeks have been much better. We have been given her probiotics in her bottle which have really helped any issues down under she had and also with her gas. It also seems like her colic and intense reflux has gotten much better. Occasionally she has bouts of screaming like before, but now It has become few and farther between.

We have also been working on sleeping. I just couldn't handle her waking up after 30 min then me having to rock her back to sleep every time. Especially because she wakes up a lot at night because she wants her pacifier. When we knew she wasn't hurting, we let her cry it out one night and it didn't go as bad as I thought. I thought we would have a blue faced little girl and throw up all over the place. But no. The first night she cried for about 20 min total with us checking in on her starting with 5 minutes with increasing increments of 2 or 3 minutes. The second night she screamed again but it didn't last as long. By now, she knows how to put herself to sleep witch is so nice. She still needs to be in her bed, swaddled, one arm in one out. But as the days go by, bed time -naps or night time, is so much better, which have even made car rides not AS bad as before. I still love to rock her and I do, but its nice to be able to lay her down when there are times I cant sit and rock.

I have also been giving her Tylenol for her gums. I have noticed an increased amount of drool and she has been chomping on her fingers. The pediatrician couldn't see anything on her gums, but I think they are hurting her. I tried giving her some medicine just to see if I noticed a difference in her behavior, and I did. When I gave her Tylenol, she wasn't so cranky and she didn't try to chew her fingers off. So I think I found a culprit. Crazy how just as soon as the colic wears off, sore gums take its place.

Reese is a sweet baby. When she's in a good mood, its easy to make her laugh and play. Maddie has already been able to enjoy playing with her some.