Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day!

Oh its been a while but here is a new post with photos. I hate posting without adding photos along with it. It just makes things much more interesting! 

Well about a week ago we had the best snow day EVER. I think it hit a record. It was simply fabulous and beautiful! We all stayed home friday. I would have been home anyways, but Brian stayed home too. We had lots of fun hanging out and playing in the snow. After our walk around the neighborhood with Maddie, Brian decided to build a snow man. Or Mow-man like Maddie likes to say. I didn't really want him to do it because I love the look of nice fresh clean snow, but then, we probably would never have snow like that again, so I helped. 

It was a fun day. Now, a few days later, our last little bit of snow man is still hanging on for dear life poor little guy.