Friday, June 22, 2012

Another 1st - Chucky Cheese.

A couple of weekends ago, Brian and I decided to take Maddie to Chucky Cheese. For some reason she has been asking to go, probably from some commercial she saw or something. She was talking about it like she's been there before a million of times and loves it. Kind of like how she talks about watching Sponge Bob, which, she has NEVER seen Sponge Bob.

So, Brian and I decided to take Maddie to Chucky Cheese one day for lunch. It's summer, and its hot, so coming up with creative family fun ideas are a must. Brian and I have never been, so the experience was new to us as well. We walked in and looked like crazies for having a 4 year-old that has never stepped into a Chucky Cheese, but I guess we will be more prepared for next time.

It actually was not that bad. The food (pizza) was not the best I have ever had, but it was ok, and with the meal purchase, you get coins for games, so price wise, its not to bad. Maddie had a blast and Brian and I had fun playing the games with her and trying to win her as many tickets as we could. In the end we had over 70 tickets. Thinking Maddie would be able to win something really cool, all that 70 tickets got her were some stickers and a piece of candy. She was excited about her prizes and we decided that with 4 year old's its more about quantity then quality.

We don't have a whole lot going on this summer, mainly trying to get through Ashlee's wedding and then it will be time to focus on baby. Brian is going through some job transitions and after all that is cleared up we are hoping to take a trip before baby gets here. Our last vacation as a family of 3! Weird.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maddie's 4 year Photos

Today I decided to take Maddie out for her 4 year photos. Its a little past due, but that's ok. I am really enjoying this photography business I have gotten myself into. I do wish I was a little busier with it, but I am TERRIBLE at self-marketing, so... I really only have something every-so-often. Which is ok too. I believe I have been blessed with an artistic eye, and I have really progressed over the year. I have been VERY happy with the products I have been delivering and that's whats important. Ashlee's bridal portraits came out beautifully, and I cant wait to post those, but I have to wait till after the wedding of course.

Here are a few of Maddie's from today. I will try to get with Brian on Saturday to take more. It is easier when I have a helper of some kind, even though Maddie did very well, I had to lug around all my props and equipment in the 90+ degree weather. We were both VERY sweaty by the end of the hour and when we got home she wanted to take a bath before she had her ice cream. Poor girl.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ashlee's Wedding shower #1

Yesterday marked the begging of Ashlee's wedding parties and showers. We spent the day yesterday in Fort Worth at my Aunts house for Ashlee's lingerie shower.  Most of the women in my family were there, most of the brides maids and a few friends. We ate and played games and I think we all had a lot of fun.  After the shower the "younger" girls at the party went to Joe-T Garcia's for dinner. YUM!
Next week is her shower at G.O. then, the week after that, her and my mom are flying to California for a shower from Michael's family. Really fun and exciting things are going on right now in the land of weddings!
Maddie is a flower girl in Ashlee's AND Rachel and Corey's wedding (which is 3 weeks after the baby is born in San Antonio) So she has also been consumed with wedding talk. We are wanting her to be really excited about being a flower girl, so she wont freak out on the day she's supposed to walk down the isle. She has asked me many times if she can marry me, or daddy. Then I explain that girls marry boys, and that mommy is already married to daddy, and so on. I tell her she will find a nice boy to marry one day, then she will ask me "were? At tiny tots?. One night Maddie was talking to Rachel about marrying Corey and being a flower girl for her wedding. This is how it went:
Rachel: "Maddie, are you excited about throwing flowers at my wedding?"
Maddie: :"Ummm, how about YOU throw the flowers, and I marry Corey?" She is such a smart little stinker. We died laughing after Rachel re-told the story to us.
Trying to explain the concept of marriage to a 4 year old is quite difficult. I'm hopping that after this year is over she will forget about the subject for a while. 

The table. We had lots of yummy goodies to eat. 

A few of the bridesmaids and friends 

One of her friends makes and sales cake balls, so she made this for Ashlee. 

We played the "dress a bride in toilet paper" game. This was really funny. 

Ashlee also received lots of fun presents. Thanks to everyone who came and participated!