Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hair cut

Last Saturday, the 13th, Brian and I decided to take Maddie to get her hair cut. I have been cutting her bangs up till now, but, her bangs were to long and all of her hair needed to be evened out, and all though, like many other little girls, I did have much practice on my dolls and barbies growing up, however, this was a task I was not willing to take a chance on.

So, Brian had a brilliant idea to take her to this little shop downtown Plano. I said ok, there are cute little stores all around that area I'm sure a quaint, little 50 year old, family owned, hair cutting place would be fine. We get there and to my HORROR it was a barber shop! Seriously? a barber shop? Im taking my baby GIRL to get her first hair cut at a barber shop? We go in, and LUCKILY, they didn't take cards. SO...we had to leave. We googled kid friendly hair cut places and found one. It was the cutest thing I have seen, and the cut came out really cute!

Before the cut

After the cut

By this time, she had enough of sitting in the seat shaped as a car, so an after cut photo was hard to capture. They also had Barney playing on a TV right in front of her, but that had worn off as well. But the outcome turned out cute anyways!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Day

Ok, can I first say that I had NO idea people were commenting on my posts? I was looking around on here and came across where it says comments and woe and behold, there are comments on my posts! Im SO sorry for not responding, I just thought I was alone in this blog world. I didn't know people were reading, I just thought I would type every once and a while, so I would be able to read them later. Sort of a journal for Maddie if you will. BUT YAY! I'm so glad Im not typing in vain! haha.

Maddie had her 2 year old well check-up this week. I was a little scared for this one. In the past we have done pretty well with the check-ups. Even though this also means its time for those horrible shots and ammunitions. When they are so young, they don't even know its coming, they just lay there and then all of a sudden they get pricked, they scream, and its all over. However, the reason why I was dreading this particular check-up was because she is older now, she would know that people are trying to hold her down, not why, but just the fact that she's being held captive on a table would make her mad. Then she would feel the sting and look up at me, not in the "what's going on and why does it hurt" look like she used to, but in-turn "these people are hurting me and your letting them" kind of look. UHG It would be horrible.

So we got to the Dr.'s office. (15 min. LATE!) the lady at the check-in actually said she was hoping it was me that was checking in. I said "oh yea, Im so sorry Im late!" she didn't say a word back!!! OOOPS!!!

So we get called into our room, she gets measured and weighed. She is now 25 lb's and 33 1/2 inch. Tall. In percentage, she is in the 25% for weight and 36% for length. Which means out of 100 kids 64 of them are taller than her and 75 are heavier. Thats fine with me. Im only 5'3 and my dad's mom is not even 5' tall. Its genetic. She wont have a chance. Then comes in the Dr. to talk to me about Maddie and how she's doing. Then she proceeded to tell me NO SHOTS!!!! YAY!!! Maddie is all up to date! What a relief!

Here are some photos of what we have done these past few days.

For Christmas Maddie got some rain boots and matching rain coat. Its so cute, she got to wear them for a little while the other day when it rained so hard out of no where!

That is her an my mom. FYI

Monday, March 8, 2010


Maddie is TWO years old!

I cannot believe it! She has grown so much!
Frankly, I cannot believe I have a 2 year old! She is still going to preschool twice a week at our church and she loves it! She knows all her friends and her teachers. Now she is doing a really good job at putting two word sentences together. I'm SO proud!

Yesterday she did the funniest thing. She plays upstairs in our loft. Sometimes I let her eat crackers up there too. She has a little kitchen set and also a homemade table and chairs made by my grand-pa for Christmas. So, I let her snack up there sometimes. Well...she also does NOT like the vacuum, so, vacuuming up there after she snacks is hard. I usually have to wait for the weekend when Brian can play with her so I can vacuum. But who wants to vacuum on Saturday? Anyways....since the lack of vacuuming, there have been little ants scavenging around upstairs.
Yesterday my brother Corey was playing with her they were both on all fours facing each other playing puppy or something, then Corey saw an ant on the floor. Maddie got excited and started saying ant ant. Corey then proceeded to pretend to pick up the ant and eat it. The look on her face after that was priceless. Immediately after he pretended to pop the ant in his mouth, Maddie's chin fell to the floor. Her eyes got SO BIG she didn't say a word for a long time and just stared at him like "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?" she then, still with her mouth gaping wide open not saying a word, turned her head and looked at my mom and Rachel ( Corey's gf who was also in the room playing with her) as if to ask them the question "WHAT DID HE JUST DO? THAT WAS THE GROSSEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! WHY WOULD ANYONE EAT A BUG?"

It was absolutely hilarious. She wanted nothing to do with him after that. Like he was contaminated or something! haha.
Pictures of the birthday party soon to come!