Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maddie and Reese- May and June

May was a fun month school wise for Maddie. She had field day, which was a day Brian happened to be Watchdog for at school so he participated with her all day. I went up there for a couple hours with Reese to watch and we all had fun.
The PTA also put on a "splash day" for the kids which was fun also. I wasn't able to go up there for that, but I heard all about it when Maddie got home. Her Kindergarten class also had a "manners breakfast" where they invited a guest to come to their class and they served them breakfast and ate together. She chose Brian to be her guest and they had fun.

On the first week of June, Maddie had her kinder graduation. I can't believe I have a first grader! First grade seems so much older then Kindergarten. She won't be the baby on campus anymore. :(

About a week after school let out she started swim lessons with Cis. I was just as impressed with her progress this year as I was last year. By the end of it, her coaches said she became a good strong swimmer. I'm hoping she will continue what she learned at the pool we go to, but I have heard her say, she only wants to swim at Cis's pool. Ugh.

Now for a quick catch-up on Reese. She will be 21 months on Friday July 4th, so I may as well write and update now.

Reese has become a little more adventurous these past couple of months. She loves climbing on the coffee table and bouncing on the sofas. She also loves to color and it seems she might be left handed like her sister.- what are the odds of that? We are however, having a hard time keeping our crayons strictly on the paper. She has branched out on the sofas, tables and walls and I'm trying to figure out how to teach her that those are not correct surfaces to color on.

Reese just now switched to size 5 diapers and she is wearing size 24m clothes. She has most of her teeth and I'm pretty sure she has started working on her 2yr molars. Those are rough.

Reese also went on antibiotics for the first time. She randomly got strep. Then she gave it to Maddie. I had both girls on antibiotics at the same time.

This month Reese started gymnastics at ASI. We are doing a mommy and me type class and she loves it. She is a little more of a goof ball then Maddie was at this age, so she's not AS good on the circuits as I thought, but she's having a blast doing it, and I enjoy doing it with her, so, all in all, it's good time spent together.

Now that we are done with swimming, Maddie wants to start gymnastics again. I guess that's ok because it goes along with my "one activity at a time" rule.

We went to the Arboretum in May and got a year long family pass. The new kids area is really fun.


Reese at gymnastics

They love bath time together

Maddie got a new bike for graduating kindergarten. (she needed one desperately, she was still riding a little radio flyer trike and her knees hit the handle bars when she peddled. ha!) 

After swimming 

This is possibly one of my favorite photos of the girls. 

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