Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reese-15 months

We just got back from Reese's 15 month appointment. She is 24lb's -75% and is 31 1/4" in length -75%.

Reese has definitely begun throwing tantrums. I know I've mentioned that she had been showing signs of that in the past, but now its the real deal. I'm hopping that as her vocabulary develops, her attitude will change. She is still a very sweet baby and loves to cuddle, but when shes not happy about something....watch out.

Reese understands simple commands like "no", "sit down", "be gentile" (we had to teach that early due to hitting people when shes mad), "come here", "give hugs and kisses" and others.  She also knows words like "eat", "night night", "snacks", "buy buy" and several others.

Reese loves to sit and "read" books and play with her toys. Shes also very attached to her lovie, a little giraffe. I asked Brian's mom to find me another one so I can have a spare while one is being washed.

The big milestone Reese has reached this past month is walking. She is now walking all over the house. Its funny when kids learn how to walk they are very aimless about it. But its easy to see how proud she is in her new accomplishment.

We love watching you grow sweet baby girl!

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